Celebrating 10 Years of SANDMARC

A journey through the first ten years.
SANDMARC was bred out of the hope to inspire and enable creators, while providing the best quality products, all without compromising exceptional customer experience. In 2013, we launched out of San Diego, a city of pure outdoor bliss bustling with creatives. With limitless locations to test our SANDMARC gear, and sights to create, the journey began.

We are not where we started ten years ago and this is something we celebrate. With the evolution of technology and listening to creators' needs, we have continued to elevate our gear. Our first product to launch was the SANDMARC Pole - Black Edition for GoPro, and in that year we launched two more GoPro products.
In 2017 the tech world saw a shift in the iPhone camera: upgraded camera features like a telephoto lens, and a faster image sensor. In 2017, we began to see the iPhone’s camera taken more seriously in the world of creators. This shift is what sparked the launch of our iPhone lenses and filters to elevate the everyday creators' iPhone camera experience.
As any experienced creator knows, to get a versatile shot takes great gear. We further expanded our product ecosystem for iPhone photographers and filmmakers by introducing our aluminum Tripod, RGB lights, Film Rig and full-grain Leather iPhone case. As the leather cases grew our community of Apple enthusiasts, we knew we needed to create an ecosystem for Apple. In 2022, for the first time, we offered full Grain Leather MacBook cases, AirTag covers, and Apple Watch Bands in Titanium and Leather.

2023 was an exciting year. We introduced the very first patent pending SANDMARC wireless Ring Light, all-new Microscope Lens and an ergonomically designed Creator Grip for photographers and filmmakers.

Now in 2023, we offer over 100 products to inspire creators worldwide.
Over the past ten years we have been honored to have our gear reviewed by various leading voices in the tech and photography industry. We allow every review to steer the way towards greater improvements of our products. At SANDMARC we are always looking for ways to elevate.
Since day one, SANDMARC has found it imperative to preserve the great outdoors we enjoy capturing by making a lasting impact in communities around the world. We do this by donating a portion of our profit to Trees for the Future.

Trees for the future is a non-profit organization with a triple bottom line of ending hunger, poverty, and deforestation through providing hands-on agroforestry training and resources to farming communities.

Thanks to our community, in the last ten years SANDMARC has helped plant over 100,000 trees!

Most importantly, we would not be where we are today without the community of creators, travelers, filmmakers and photographers that have emerged to take our products to new heights.

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These last ten years have been an incredible journey. And we look forward to showing you what’s next.