Gift Guide: For the Creator in Your Life

We've curated a list of the best gear for the creator in your life.

5 Gift Ideas for the Creator

5 gifts that will stir their creativity to create engaging content.

1. Wide Lens

The SANDMARC wide lens is the perfect lens for any creator. With a 16mm lens, 2x more field of view and amazing low-light conditions every video will be created to perfection. Easily attachable to the front and back camera, give your creator the freedom of capturing a wider range of footage both ways.
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2. Hybrid Filter

The Hybrid Filter is designed from a multi-coated and anti-reflective glass that produces accurate color transmission, and an aluminum frame material that makes it both durable and light. Help your creator reduce glares while creating more vibrant content.
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3. Prolight Mini Bi-Color Edition

Creator's are constantly on the go, and often film in multiple locations in just one day. Lighting is an uncontrollable factor that can impact shots, which makes the Prolight Mini the perfect gift. Give your creator the gift of consistent lighting. The Prolight Mini is the size of the credit card making it easily transferrable. Don't let the size fool you, this small light has a brightness of 800 lux.
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4. Ring Light

Lighting has the ability to elevate any creator's video. With a rounded light to ensure full coverage, USB Type-C Charging, and travel friendly size the Ring Light is the perfect gift for the creator in your life.
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5. Tripod Pro-Edition

The Tripod Pro-Edition is built with stability and durability. It is capable of extending 63 inches and comes with a ball head for landscape or portrait shots. Lightweight and ideal for the creator on-the-go.
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Help your creator elevate their content with SANDMARC gear this season.