Prolight Collection

iPhone Ring Light - SANDMARC #type_ring light

A wireless, free-standing, portable and easy-to-use light for iPhone. Patent pending.

Ring Light - Wireless Edition

Versatile Headlamp with detachable magnetized base for hands-free lighting.

Pro Headlamp

Our most portable RGB light. 
Ideal for portrait photography, 
cinematic storytelling & more.

Prolight Mini RGB

Our most compact light packing 
so much power at less than the 
size of a credit card.

Prolight MINI - Bicolor

Mini RGB & Bi-Color Bundle

Mini Kit - RGB & Bi-Color

16 million hues of light giving you 
a versatile spectrum of colors for 
photography and filmmaking.

RGB Edition

Powerful light providing
warm and cool temperature tones 
perfect as a key light or fill light.

Bi-Color Edition

RGB & Bi-Color Bundle

Kit - RGB & Bi-Color

Compact mount for mounting Prolight
on an iPhone, iPad or MacBook

Universal Mount Adapter

Enables you to mount your iPhone,
two Prolights, a GoPro & more.

Film Rig

Mount your iPhone and one Prolight
to capture variety of angles.

Pole - Film Edition

Better Conference Calls

Prolight Video Conferencing

Shot with

Prolight Mini RGB

Perfect for capturing a cinimatic look. Works well in both indoor & outdoor portrait photography.

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Why we made this

We wanted to create a dynamic lighting experience for our users to experience while creating. Lighting can be tricky, so we launched a series of lights in our collection to help you create in any environment!