Retro Filter

Why we made this

With a growing admiration for vintage aesthetics, we aimed to create a filter that enhances the iPhone camera's ability to produce high-quality content with a nostalgic effect. The SANDMARC Retro Filter offers a vintage filmic look for every shot, perfect for capturing timeless photos & videos in any environment.


Film Look

Smoothens Skin Tones

Easy Attachment

Film Look

Smoothens Skin Tones

Easy Attachment

Film Look

Smoothens Skin Tones

Easy Attachment

How does it work?

The Retro Filter minimizes your editing time by instantly correcting overexposure, reducing surface glare, and smoothing out facial blemishes.

Shooting from day to night has never been easier with versatility at your fingertips. During the day the filter softens harsh sunlight, while at night, provides a dramatic halo effect around any light source.

Filmed on Retro Filter

Retro at its core.

Softens iPhone camera's sharpened and digital look.



Case Compatible

The Retro Filter is compatible with SANDMARC Lenses & Cases: Anamorphic, Wide and Telephoto Lenses. Our patented direct threading system enables you to seamlessly attach our lenses with no additional mounts.

Two Modes

Choose between two strengths: strong mist and soft mist. The soft mist provides a subtle touch of diffusion while utilizing the polarization effect. The strong mist is best for a heightened filmic look. Whether you choose soft or strong, each strength is consistent with a vintage aesthetic. 

Multi-Coated Glass

Precision Engineered

Included Mount

Getting Started


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