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Leather Wallets

Why we made this

Most MagSafe wallets are either minimal and carry 2-3 cards or go bulky to carry more. Designed to hold up to 5 cards, our full-grain leather wallet strikes a balance of minimal design yet enable you to carry more.

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Leather Minimal Wallet - SANDMARC #color_brown


Leather Wallet

Our full-grain leather wallet, crafted with a unique magnetic enclosure, caters to those seeking a refined minimalism with the capacity to store up to 15 cards. A blend between modern and classic design, the Leather Wallet - Bifold Edition provides the luxury of more cards without any trade-offs.

Leather Minimal Wallet - SANDMARC #color_black

SANDMARC's Leather

Made from a high grade full-grain leather, SANDMARC’s leather collection is going to last you a lifetime, with a rich patina that develops with age. Full Grain Leather comes from the outermost layer of a hide, as it contains a dense amount of fibers. The fibers are what makes the leather obtain a finer grain.

Full Grain Leather, Not Genuine Leather

The biggest misconception in leather is that genuine leather is a true “genuine” leather. However, genuine leather is actually the lowest quality of real leather you can get. Whether it’s ‘authentic Genuine Leather’ or ‘Genuine Italian Leather’ it’s a front for lower quality yet affordable leather.

Leather Wallet - iPhone 15 Pro Max (Magsafe Compatible) #color_brown


Leather Collection

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