Probe Lens

Why we made this

A pro-filmmaking tool for iPhone. The SANDMARC Probe Lens captures close-up and unique perspectives, transforming your footage into an immersive experience. What used to be only accessible for DSLR and mirrorless filmmakers is now possible with the camera in your pocket.

What is a sandmarc

Probe Lens

The SANDMARC Probe Lens is a 12-inch lens that opens doors to new creative endeavors. Its long and narrow design allows it to easily maneuver through spaces that the average camera cannot.

Wide Depth of Field

Despite being a macro lens, the probe lens often maintains a wide depth of field, keeping more of the scene in focus compared to a traditional macro lens.


Focus Wheel

Featuring a focus wheel  to adjust the lens’s focus for any shot.  Conveniently located on the outer rim, it is easy to use and keeps your subject sharp.

Precision Engineered Glass

SANDMARC Probe Lens is crafted from premium multi-coated and multi-element optical glass, delivering sharp footage with accurate colors and minimal distortion. Elevate your cinematography with engaging and immersive content.

Probe Lens Edition - iPhone 15 Pro Max

Built-in Light

With the ability to go far and deep in spaces where no light is capable of reaching, adaptable lighting is key for a Probe Lens. The integrated LED light provides two lighting modes for any environment. 



Getting Started

Think of it as meshing your iPhone with a DSLR camera.