Pro Leather Cases

Camera Protection

The iPhone camera is an important part of your mobile experience. But there's little to no protection on most minimal cases. We designed an aluminum machined threading with a subtle & sleek gunmetal finish for everyday use.

Magnet Enabled

While retaining a minimal design, the Pro Case allows you to charge your MagSafe and wireless chargers seamlessly.

Lens Compatible

Compatible with SANDMARC Lenses & Filters including our Wide, Fisheye, Anamorphic, Telephoto, Macro & Microscope Lenses.

Designed For iPhone

Crafted from full-grain leather. Magnet-enabled design. Adds elegance and style while protecting your iPhone camera. Seamlessly attaches with SANDMARC lenses & filters. Whether doing photography, traveling or anything in between, this is the everyday premium case to get for your iPhone.

The Leather Collection