Telephoto 6x

Why we made this

We wanted to further expand the zoom capabilities of the iPhone. With an adjustable focus wheel, the Telephoto 6x lens prioritizes expansive reach & brings distant scenes closer than ever. Perfect for wildlife photography, urban content and low-light close-ups.


Ultra Zoom

Without Lens

With Telephoto 6x

Designed for

Superior Performance

With iPhone's 48MP camera on iPhone 15 Pro & 14 Pro or the main camera sensor on previous models, the Telephoto 6x optical zoom renders sharper images and better low light performance than iPhone's native telephoto camera.

iPhone's Telephoto

(Chromatic Aberration on the lights and noise)

With Telephoto 6x

(More zoom & camera-like lowlight capture)


Focus Wheel

Our first in our lens series, the Telephoto 6x is a fixed zoom with an adjustable focus wheel to give you versatility when shooting distance objects.

Shallow Depth of field

Natural Bokeh

With a 6x zoom, a photographer is bound to have numerous objects distracting from their focal point. A shallow depth of field allows for a clear-cut shot of the desired focal point. Complementing the shallow depth of field is a natural bokeh that softens the background, making for a beautiful shot.


Filter Compatible

The Telephoto 6x comes included with a filter mount that enables you to use SANDMARC Filters providing you more versatility in your content creation.

Think of it as meshing your iPhone with a DSLR camera.