To empower & inspire creators.

From enabling to capture next-level iPhone content to equipping photographers,
filmmakers and travelers with best-in-class products.

About Us

We, at SANDMARC®, design premium products for Apple, GoPro & cameras. Founded in 2013 in San Diego, California, we place the story of SANDMARC into our customers' hands fostering user-generated content and authentic product experiences.

Our Products

We're in the business of creating products that last a lifetime. From using high quality materials to incorporating sleek design & functionality, we pay attention to our products down to the finest detail.

Global Brand

Thanks to our fans and customers across the globe, SANDMARC is sold worldwide. Our products have been featured on CNET, Uncrate, Gear Junkie, Cool Material & more.


We strive to positively impact our community by helping our customers do what they do best: Create.


Trees for the Future

With the current impending danger that climate change poses on our environment, we are fearful that more inaction will yield a future where the beauty of nature will no longer persist. Hence, we find it imperative that we consistently uphold the values of our company, showing mindfulness and caution to the great outdoors that we enjoy capturing. We have opted to donate a portion of our profits towards the passionate, non-profit organization Trees For The Future.

Our CIty

San Diego

We live in the sunshine epicenter: San Diego. A city of diverse culture, amazing creatives and year-round perfect weather. We captured a glimpse of our city in a cinematic video using iPhone & our gear.

Think of it as meshing your iPhone with a DSLR camera.