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Great stick
"Surtdy and great length. "
Matt W.
DJI Phantom 4 pro filter kit (4)
"Terrific build quality and the ND filters are excellent and do not produce murky looking colours or flaring like some other popular brands do. Highly recommended."
Mike H.
Great filters
"These filters work flawlessly. They're easy to fit on the camera, and they can stay on for the gimbal initialization, and IMU startup. The ND8 is now my go to filter. If you're considering these, just pull the trigger and buy 'em. You'll be glad you did."
Allen Bertrand
Procharge 4/3+
"I am currently on a trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. During the trip we have been doing a lot of experiences Tiger Kingdom, Elephant Sanctuary, and many many temples where I will go through two GoPro batteries and remote battery in a single day. The procharge easily lets me return to my room at night and make sure everything is charged for the next day. It has easily taken an annoying process of making sure everything is charged to an unbelievably easy level. Great product that has the same high quality of all the other SandMarc products I own." Steven O.
"Amazing, great item!"
Carlos M.
Better than expected
"I have been needing to get some filters but never got around to it. However, after a recent shoot, footage came out like **** due to no filter. I was going to pick up the more expensive competition filters but decided to give the sandmarc ones a try. I'm glad I did. THe quality of the filters are very good and the photos and video obtained with them are truely amazing. Using the filter I was able to get down to f5.6, the sweet spot for drone footage on a bright sunny day. The footage was beautiful, blue sky and a properly exposed image. Can't go wrong here with this product. Highly recommended and the competition better watch out. " Kevin P.
Finally a professional aerial ND source!
"Was excited to test out a new ND set for my Phantom 4 Pro. Until now we're forced to buy from DJI or PolarPro. The Sandmarc filters are fantastic. True neutral ND's with no unwanted color shift to the image to correct in post. Quality optics and coatings for a clean unobstructed imaging. Competitively priced to boot. Love these."
Frederick Hagan
Awesome filters
"They came highly recommended and I also highly recommend!!"
Chris B.
"Good processing and marking!" Matthias L.
Aerial Filter Hero5 Polarizer.
"It was excellent."
Fernando V.
Awesome Filter!!
"The filter does make everything look so much clearer underwater. It takes away the blue wash that you see in underwater videos/photos. I was a little afraid that the corners of the filter would show up in the shot but they don't at all even when I used the superview. Very happy with the product and would definitely buy again."
Christopher W.
New Adventure Buddy
"It's a lot sturdier than expected! I've made sure to fine the most reliable and affordable extendable pole, and I don't regret it! Can't wait to try it out during all my trips. Only thing I was concerned about it that I yanked it too far and the clear circle strips came out, I wish they had a instruction Manuel but I was able to find a video on their website! "
Rochelle M.
Aerial filter DJI Phantom 3 Standard
"Very good. Fit extremely well. Seemed to provide good quality filtering. Very happy with the purchase."
Mark W.
Great customer service.
"Great customer service. The one I was sent had an issue and then sent out another right away."
Kerry S.
Awesome Product!!!!
"It's a great product. The pole is high quality and the camera fits very well. I would definitely buy again."
Christopher W.
"Shipping was awesome., only 2 1/2 days to Ohio standard freight. Quality is everything I wanted and I am very picky. Will be doing more business with Sandmark. Thank You!!"
Burgess Randy
Awesome Pole
"The quality of workmanship on the pole looks stunning. Rigid construction and easy to use. Can't wait to use it on my next trip. -Happy customer!"
Edgardo E.
Light, strong & amazing
"Light and easy to use in all places, the quality is high and strong and it look nice with fiber carbon."
Badr A.
Mavic filters
"They fit well, well enough to allow the gimbal to initialise, means they can be fitted before firing the Mavic up"
phill k.
Received in great care
"Great condition.."
mei s.
Great product
"Great, I would buy anything from SandMarc and be certain I am getting a sturdy and well made product. "
Kevin C.
Sandmarc Filters
"The filters are fantastic and make a dramatic difference in photo and video quality. I do recommend you improve the case in which the filters are stored. " Ralph F.
Great product
"I would buy this over and over again if I could works better then describe overall GREAT "
Great product.
"Solid, well designed and quite simply the best GoPro stick I've bought to date. IThe only question is why it's taken so long to buy it. " Iain M.
Solid and Strong
"I just returned from a week in Jamaica where I snorkelled every day and went diving. This compact pole was conveient when short and not too bulky or awkward when extended. It is long enough to provide great stability under water which allows you to get up close with some pretty amazing sea life. It is easily taken apart and re-assembled making rinsing off salt water a simple task. The durable coatings also make it easy to clean. I am VERY happy with my purchase and will surely get more Sandmark products!"
Randy G.
Second time I've bought it... against my will
"I love this item so much that I've bought it twice. The first one I bought was confiscated at the Cabo airport because I left it in my carry on and they said it was a weapon. "
brookes a.
The BEST compact selfie pole!
"I just returned from a week in Jamaica were I snorkelled daily and went diving on a wreck and two planes near Ocho Rios. The pole functioned flawlessly allowing lengthening and retraction in and out of the water with ease. The connections and screw stayed tight allowing me to focus on the surroundings more than the equipment. It was also very easy to disassemble and re-assemble when washing off the saltwater although I think that the coating inside and out also protects it well if you forget to. I highly recommend this product!"
Randy G.
Strong and tough
"I love the design and the materials used in your product. The whole GoPro style mount are all metal (Aluminum). I was looking for a smaller, tough pole to use with the camera and found Sandmarc Pole Compact Edition. I really think I can defend myself with it. Thank you and keep up the great job!!"
Kin C.
Awesome piece of equipment
"This is a well made,easy to use product that is better expected and we'll worth the money. I would highly recommend this to anyone. "
Ben W.
Great for sunny days on the slopes.
"Works great for super bright sunny days while snowboarding. Wonderful color and contrast and makes the sky very blue. " Jennifer S.

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