TriMag Snow Goggles

Why we made this

Inspired from our iPhone & GoPro optical lenses, we wanted to create a versatile Snow Goggle to shred the mountains with ease. With an included three lens magnetic system to handle sunny and cloudy conditions in your adventures, the TriMag Snow Goggles cover it all.

Precision Engineered Glass

Designed from a multi-coated & wide-frame Toric glass, it allows for a sharp, non-distorted and comfortable viewing experience when skiing or snowboarding.

Shred with Ease

Optics designed for upping your snow adventures.

Black & Blue

Polarized Lenses

When snowboarding or skiing in harsh or average sunlight, the snow could cause reflections. Our Black and Blue lenses help mitigate glare while you go down the slopes.


Photochromic Lens

The red photochromic lens adapts to your environment. The glass gets darker or brighter depending on the sunlight condition.


Magnetic System

Black Lens

Strong Sunlight

Blue Lens

Average Sunlight

Red Lens

Weak & Average Sunlight

Technical Details

☉ Lens Shape: Toric Glass
☉ Size: Medium to Large
☉ Quality: High Contrast Lens
☉ Material: TPU Matt Black Frame
☉ Coating: Multi Coated
☉ Double anti fog lens (UV400), no colorful coating
☉ Custom woven headband with anti-slip rubber