Gift Guide: For the iPhone Photographer in Your Life

We've curated a list of the best gear for the iPhone photographer.

5 Gift Ideas for the iPhone Photographer

The list that will elevate their photography.


For the vintage photographer

Ever seen dreamy photos? The Cloud Diffusion Filter does just that and best of all there’s no editing needed! Fans of old movies and capturing a film look effect will love the Cloud Diffusion Filter. They can easily create a soft and glowing effect to capture better night photography, portraits, & films.
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For the landscape photographer

This filter will help suppress surface glare, darken skies & manage reflections. Think of this filter as a polarized sunglass for your phone. The Drama Filter is perfect for taking photos outdoors due to the ever changing conditions.
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For the portrait or city-scape photographer

The 58mm Telephoto Lens has 2x optical magnification zoom feature and is made from premium multi-coated glass. This lens creates a natural bokeh, or blur, to exaggerate the object in focus. The Telephoto Lens will allow your photographer to take high quality photos.
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4. MACRO 100mm LENS

For the nature photographer

Capture intricate details using the SANDMARC Macro lens. It offers a shallow depth of field that mimics the human eye, counters artificial sharpening in new iPhone models, and creates a natural, organic look. Allow your photographer to see the world with a new perspective.
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For any photographer

Lightweight & compact, this full-sized tripod has a long extension height for optimal usage. It is easy and quick to adjust while offering a ball head for portrait and landscape orientation. This is ideal for any photographer to avoid unnecessary blur in photos.
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SANDMARC gear will elevate your photographer's style. Our lenses and filters are complementary to any photoshoot. Get your photographer gear they will love this season.
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