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SANDMARC introduces Microscope Lens for iPhone

San Diego, California — SANDMARC, a brand specializing in designing products for photographers, filmmakers and travelers, launching its latest product, the Microscope Lens.

Capture the World in Finer Detail

Go from macro, micro to micro 3x in seconds and see the world in finer detail. An enhanced sense of sight that will allow you to create more defined and magnified shots. The Microscope Lens has a magnification of 40x.

Light Up Your Close Ups

Shadows, and dark lighting will be nothing to worry about when focusing in on your key objects. Built into the lens is a circular light to ensure full light coverage for your best quality shots.

USB-C Charge

The integrated light has a USB-C charge making it easy to use on the go. Quickly plug your lens into any compatible charging source.

Technical Specifications

  • Magnification: 40X
  • Height: 12.8mm
  • Diameter: 42mm
  • Focus Distance: 0mm
  • Field of View Angle (degree): 68°


iPhone 12 and Up


Images of Microscope Lens
Download Here