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Titanium Apple Watch Band
For Apple Watch Ultra & More
Titanium Apple Watch Band
For Apple Watch Ultra & More
Apple has released the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch SE, & Apple Watch Series 8. The Apple Watch Ultra was designed for adventure & for the rugged outdoors.

A robust watch like that needs to be strong & durable, so Apple crafted it out of Titanium. We wanted to achieve the same excellent quality by creating a Titanium band to match the Apple Watch Ultra.
Pair it as a set!

However, we didn’t want to stop there.

The Apple Watch Series 8 was designed to give people a healthy start. Apple Watch SE was designed to be a more affordable version of the Apple Watch Series.

We designed the Titanium Edition - Black for the Apple Watch Series 8, SE, & previous versions. People can now have a luxury watch band that’s strong & durable.

Why Titanium?

Special Properties
Grade 2 Titanium is known as alpha titanium and for being the workhorse of the pure titanium industry. It has adequate strength and exceptional corrosion resistance & formability.

Titanium is very strong & hard to make, however, it is also soft. Thus, making the material prone to scratches. In order to have a scratch-resistant material it would need a coating to provide that protection.

Meet The Titanium Edition Band

A band designed for luxury.

With a watch made for greatness, we designed a band that's durable and tough to take you there.
If you’re looking for ways to elevate your everyday look the titanium band is the look for you.

The Titanium Edition was crafted from Titanium Grade 2 with a Glass Film Coating for Scratch Resistance. Not only is the band durable, but it is waterproof & extremely lightweight.

The Apple Watch Ultra is also crafted from Grade 2 Titanium and is kept in its natural color resembling sandstone. For that reason, we have purposely made our Titanium Edition embrace its natural color to match the watch.
Your Titanium band is ready for adventure.
For Apple Watch Series 8, SE, & previous models.

The Titanium Edition - Black

Built to Last.

The Titanium Edition for Apple Watch SE & Series 8 comes in an all-black look.

The black finish is then topped off with a Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating for high corrosion & scratch resistance. The coating also provides high hardness to the material to increase its durability.
A timeless piece to start your adventure.