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Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Accessories
SANDMARC iPhone Guide 2022
Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Accessories
SANDMARC iPhone Guide 2022

Your new iPhone deserves the best Accessories!
With fall around the corner, we expect Apple to release their latest iPhone models soon. Apple’s most exclusive model will be the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The most important thing to do is to protect your new iPhone!

Here are the key accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro Max!

Protection is key!

Protection is key!

Pro Leather Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max
The main feature of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, aside from its size, is the camera!

The camera is said to be larger on the iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max than on the iPhone 13 Pro Models. With SANDMARC’s iPhone 14 Pro Max Leather Case you can safely secure your new iPhone & protect your camera lens.

The leather iPhone 14 Pro Max Case has a subtle aluminum constructed threading that protects your iPhone’s camera lenses. It also allows you to simply screw in your iPhone lenses on your iPhone's camera.
Your new iPhone deserves to not only be protected but to look good as well.
The SANDMARC Pro leather case collection is made from high-grade full-grain leather that develops a rich patina over time. The Pro leather case is durable for everyday use and is made to last a lifetime. Best of all, the Pro leather case is MagSafe compatible and pairs well with the Flex Dock.

On-The-Go Accessories

On-The-Go Accessories

iPhone Tripod
The Tripod collection is the gear you need whether you’re planning to blog, take videos, or capture dynamic shots.
These tripods were designed to step up your iPhone photography & filmmaking content.
Lightweight, compact, & easy to pack up and take on the go.

Designed for the everyday creator who’s always on the move trying to capture their next shot.

A full-sized Tripod that is still lightweight with a longer extension for new elevation. 

Designed for the serious iPhone photographer & filmmaker looking for a heavy-duty tripod.

Flex Dock
Whether you’re traveling, working from home, or in the office, you’re going to need the Flex Dock for your iPhone 14 Pro Max.
The Flex Dock was designed to give you a seamless charging experience. Built entirely out of Aluminum, this lightweight product was made to last.

Dual charging dock that is foldable to make it easier to pack up and take on the go. A minimalist look to match any environment that contains a pathway for the cords to stay out of sight!


Film on the go with the SANDMARC Pole - Film Edition!

Securely lock in your iPhone on the iPhone mount and start filming.

This pole was made for versatile shooting, capturing dynamic footage on the go, and features a compact design. Capture low fast shots as well as cinematic aerial shots with the SANDMARC Pole. Comfortable grip to hold onto the pole for a long duration while vlogging/recording footage.

Pairs well with:
It’s all about more power! 

Only the size of a credit card yet holding the brightness power of 800 Lux providing warm to cool temperature tones. 

Perfect key light for on the go adventures as well as night photography.
Created for the serious filmmaker.
Shoot your way to capturing cinematic footage in an ultra-wide ratio aspect. With a multi-element & multi-coated glass design.

Best use for landscape photography, filmmaking, & creating a cinematic effect.
Filming on-the-go requires shooting through speed and motion. The Motion Filter allows you to adjust your iPhone’s camera to any environment. 

Best for long exposure photography and adding a cinematic motion blur to your footage. This filter also enables users to shoot with night mode in low light conditions. 

The Accessory for your iPhone Accessories

The Accessory for your iPhone Accessories

Travel Pouch
SANDMARC’s Travel Pouch contains a waterproof canvas exterior & a mesh interior.
The interior of the pouch incorporates an organizer with detachable dividers to fit your SANDMARC lens & filter collection. Protect your iPhone 14 Pro Max accessories with the accessory that fits all.

Whether you’re traveling, on a hike, or just need a place to protect your accessories the Travel Pouch is here for you. The pouch also contains a strap to give you an option to wear it over your shoulder or across your body.
Finding the perfect lighting setting can be difficult especially when you’re on-the-go.
Finding the perfect lighting setting can be difficult especially when you’re on-the-go.
Even if you're indoors, getting the right amount of light in your shot can be a struggle. The Prolight collection is there to bright up the dim spaces that affect your shot.
Bi-Color vs. RGB Edition
Brightness power of 800 Lux
Features 16 million hues of light
Best for a fill light or key light:
Prolight Mini Bi-Color Edition
Portable & compact 
Powerful lighting
Best for creative photography:
Portable light for cinematic storytelling.
Prolight RGB Edition
Powerful light for dynamic indoor & outdoor portrait photography.