5 Ways to Get Creative
Thanks to our growing community of photographers and videographers, we are always exposed to different forms of content captured by a Sandmarc lens. Not only are we thoroughly impressed with the creativity put on display, but we also notice the lengths our photographers go to capture an image. By placing our products in different environments and testing their capabilities, our users allow us to share new perspectives with the photography community, and inspire us to create on a whole new level.

We have compiled a list of 5 ways that our Sandmarc Lenses can be used to document gratifying and intriguing content, across different scenarios and environments.

1. Product Shots

We understand that for any product-related businesses,
presentation is an important characteristic of building a brand. That’s where the Telephoto and Wide Lens come in. With our Telephoto Lens, you can get up close and personal with the details of a product, very rarely needing to crop or edit out any dead space. As for our Wide Lens, we recommend this for any flat-lay photography arrangement. By widening your frame your can fit an array of content into any shot.

2. Outdoor Photo Shoot

When faced with the unpredictability of nature, a
photo shoot requires the right tools to remain flexible. Lighting conditions can be tough to manage, and in many cases the iPhone’s stock features aren’t capable of capturing the best possible image. That’s where your content will benefit from a PL or ND filter. These filters are the ultimate managers of light,
allowing you to use lower shutter speeds, and the cardinal photography rule of thirds. PL/ND filters let you capture motion blur in moving objects, reduce reflections, increase color pop, and offer a more cinematic look.

3. Concerts
Concert photography and videography are continually
growing fields of interest. Concertgoers hardly ever see a concert without documenting their experience through the lens. Here’s a few tips, on which lenses work best in different concert situations.

  • When going to a big concert venue (i.e. amphitheater, stadium) and far away from the stage, we recommend our Telephoto Lens to achieve the farthest possible zoom, with the least loss of clarity.
  • When going to a moderate sized concert venue (i.e. theater, club), we recommend our Wide Lens so that the entire scope of the stage can be captured.
  • When positioned close to the stage, regardless of environment, we recommend our Fisheye Lens so that concertgoers can experiment with perspective and proximity in relation to the artist, and get that in-your-face music video vibe the Fisheye is known for.
  • Lastly, for people who want to delve into the world of concert videography, the Anamorphic lens will offer you the most cinematic view. And for those who have media credentials, we suggest pairing our Anamorphic Lens with our Film Rig for balanced and efficient film making.

4. YouTube Videos
From daily vlogs to cinematography filled montages,
and everything in between, our lenses assist creators at creating high quality YouTube content.

  • For Daily Vlogs, we recommend our Telephoto Lens. The nature of vlogs requires a close up look at the subject throughout the day, and the Telephoto specializes in highlighting the subject and isolating the background. This works great for beauty vloggers.
  • For Adventure-Style/Cinematography based videos, we recommend our Anamorphic Lens, simply because it offers cinematic quality in a small portable package.
5. Art Galleries
Art galleries offer a space for photographers to be a bit more experimental than other mediums. For smaller more detailed pieces, the Macro lens will allow you to capture intimate details of the artist’s work. For larger, more commanding works, the Wide Lens will help showcase the scale of the piece.

Wrapping Up

Keep in mind, there's no hard and fast rules for getting creative, these are just some helpful guidelines we've drawn from the work of our community. We'll keep sharing, if you keep creating!