Apple Watch Ultra (1 & 2)

Titanium Grade 4 Band

Why we made this

We wanted to push the limits in taking our Titanium Band even further. With high corrosion & rust resistance, lower ductility and superior strength, the Titanium Grade 4 Edition is the ultimate band for Apple Watch Ultra.

Stronger. Sophisticated.

Created for the Apple Watch Ultra

Apple watch ultra

Titanium Edition

Crafted primarily from Grade 4 Titanium: A material highly esteemed for its enduring strength, superior resistance to corrosion, and remarkable lightweight properties.

Superior Quality

Designed with extra thickness while still effortlessly carrying the weight of the Ultra Watch.

An Apple Watch band made to

Travel lighter

Style up

Last a lifetime

Grade 4 Titanium

Undergone independent chemical analysis test by a California third-party lab (UNS R50400), the Grade 4 titanium has been deemed capable of withstanding the same conditions that the Apple Watch Ultra is designed for.