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What is Micro Photography?

Let's get into the details.
Have you ever seen a very well detailed photograph? A photo of an insect that shows every shade of brown or antenna you never knew was there? Macro photography would allow you to see the whole body of the insect up close. But if you wanted to see the antenna in more detail, or even the eyes..that is where micro photography comes in.

What is micro photography?

A photo is considered micro photography when the magnification ratio is more than 20:1. If the magnification ratio is 20 or more, then that means that the object is appearing 20x or more larger on your camera versus real life. Micro photography objects are really small, and you get very close. What’s the difference between macro and micro photography? First, we need to learn more about magnification ratio.

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What is magnification ratio?

Magnification ratio explains how close you are to the object you are photographing. It is measured by inches and written as a ratio. The first number is the camera sensor’s size, and the second number is the real world size of the object you are photographing. We know by looking at the photo below that the needle is not as large as the image portrays. For this particular image the second number would be the size of the needle.
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How is micro photography different from macro photography?

Micro and macro photography are different because of their magnification ratios. Although both styles of photography allow you to get up close, they vary on magnification ratios. Photos can be considered Macro when the photo size is greater than or equal to the actual object being photographed. The ratios can range from a 1:1 to a 10:1 magnification.

Although we are talking about their differences, one thing that is similar is the importance of lighting. Because you need to be close to the object you are photographing, your camera or your own body can cast a shadow. It is ideal that a light is integrated with your micro lens to get the best lighting.
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What can you photograph for micro photography?

There are no limits when it comes to micro photography. All that micro photography requires is the ability to get up close to the object you are photographing. It can become more complicated with insects since they can move around, and even if they are stoic, they can run away as you get closer. Micro photography takes patience and a lot of slow, steady movement. Below is a list to help you get started with micro photography:
  • Food
  • Insects
  • Flowers
  • Products
  • Water Droplets
  • Eyes
  • Fruit

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Micro photography gives you the ability to see the world in a new way. Get creative, take photos of objects outside of this list and see where your curiousity takes you.
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