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How to take Photos like a pro


How to take Photos like a pro

Entering your journey to iPhone photography doesn't have to be so hard. Whether you have the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 13 pro you can still take pictures like a pro.

Starting with the following 5 tips below!


iPhone photography is all about having the right technique, starting off with…

The Rule of Thirds

On your iPhone settings go to camera, under composition turn on your grid. This allows for a 3 by 3 grid overlay on the camera app. Put your subject on the intersecting lines of the left or right side of your shot. Perfect for framing a shot, by aligning the lines of your subject environment and the lines on your grid.
Rule of Thirds landscape image
Photo Credit: DannyB

iPhone Camera Features

On the iPhone’s camera app users can swipe up to access all of the iPhone filters, before taking a photo. Filters like; flash, live photos, blur, aspect ratio, exposure, timer, and other photo filters. Turning on live photos would allow for more variations to choose from within a single shot. Aspect ratio provides users with 3 options to select from for their camera frame. A square shot, 4 by 3 frame (the standard), and 16:9 which fills up the entire iPhone screen. The exposure effect can be used to brighten or darken photos. The timer option is great for putting your iPhone on a Tripod and timing your shots

Action Shot

The iPhone has a great tool that helps users capture action shots in Burst mode. On the iPhone’s camera app hold down the shutter button and quickly slide to the left to take a burst. This action will take numerous photos and a number will appear and keep increasing to indicate how many photos were taken.
iPhone Action Shot taken on Burst mode
Photo Credit: iPhoneHacks
Portrait Mode
On the iPhone’s camera app swipe right to enter portrait mode and then pick a light filter. Take a few steps back, tap on your subject to focus in on it, and capture your shot. The light filters can be used before, during, or after taking your photos. Note that the space surrounding your subject will be slightly blurred, making it look like a professional shot.
iPhone portrait mode filters
Photo Credit: Macobserver


Make your own photo studio at home

Pick the room with the most lighting, like a well-lit kitchen or by a window. Grab some props; a baking sheet tray for the background, and a wood stump or table. Place the object in the center on the stump/table and with the baking tray behind the object, go into portrait mode and capture your shot.

Peter McKinnon a professional photographer from Toronto, who shares his insights on photography in the video below.


It is important to think about your angles. Before taking your shot, spend 10 seconds thinking of the different ways that subject would look good. Take your shot from different angles of the same subject. Objects tend to look better from a waist level angle.
Mon et Mine photograph shooting through stuff featured on his YouTube channel
Photo Credit: Mon et Mine

Add Value

Add extra value to your photos by shooting through something to take your shot. Purposely make your subject out of focus. Place an object or have something in front of the lens to frame your shot.

Be Unique

People tend to go to the same spots and take the same photos from the same positions. If you’re out hiking at a popular spot like the Potato Chip Rock and everyone is taking the same photos, do the opposite. Think ahead, think of the most common shots and do the opposite, change the angles and move around.


When it comes to framing your photos it is crucial to have a focus point and centralize it. Add other objects on the edges of your frame to keep it interesting. Doing so will add value and tone to your photos.


Having trouble getting the right lighting?

The Prolight Collection can help with that, whether it’s at home or on the go, these products were made to work in both environments. Here are some ways to get the best angles and lighting in your photos.

The 2 in 1 Solution

The Film Rig can be used to mount the iPhone, two Prolights, and more. This provides the user with stability and consistency with lighting.
Another way to incorporate both angles and lighting in one shot is using the Tripod with the Prolight. This gives the user a simple method for capturing the perfect shot.

For more tips on lighting check out this video!


3 apps that can improve your iPhone photos!
An easy platform that allows users to easily enhance their photos through filters and editing tools. The app contains a simple layout guiding users to quickly make their photos better. Within the app users can transform their pictures through pro-like editing tools and add effects like a subtle vignette.
Snapseed is a free app for iPhone users to download on the App Store.
A simple method of inserting amazing distortion effects to photos. Lens Distortions can set up the light for users after the photo has been taken. Users can add light hits, a lens flare, and a subtle blur/fog to their photos. This app also helps users add other effects such as clouds, rain, glitter and many more. The end results of the photos look realistic and are visually appealing.
iPhone users can purchase the Lens Distortions app on the App Store for $1.99.
Another way to improve your iPhone photos is to use the filters on Instagram. Select post, choose your image, click next, and then tap edit. Tools to use on edit are the sharpen tool, brightness, and the vignette. Sometimes adjusting the brightness of your image can enhance the photo, if needed. Adding a little bit of a vignette as well can improve the end results of the photo.
The Instagram app can be downloaded for free on the App Store.
iPhone Filters can help make the photo you’re trying to capture more interesting and the great thing about using a filter is that you don’t need to spend time editing your shot! For the different types of iPhone filters, check out the link here
iPhone Hybrid Filter
Before and After landscape shot


Made to be used along with your iPhone to enhance your photo game, resulting in better portraits. The Telephoto Lens does most of the work so you don’t have to! The Telephone Lens also has 2x zoom capabilities and is compatible with some of the iPhone filters mentioned above.