Wide Angle Lens: Why You Need One

It's time to broaden your perspective.
We are happy to introduce our new and improved SANDMARC wide lens. With a larger field of view, and mesmerizing low-light visibility this will be your new go-to lens.

How is the SANDMARC wide lens different from the iPhone wide lens?

The SANDMARC wide lens is a 16mm lens that attaches to your iPhone. It allows for you to capture a wider field of view, while keeping your photos crisp. The iPhone wide lens does not cover as wide of a view.

There is a 48 megapixel sensor in the iPhone wide lens. When you attach the SANDMARC wide lens onto your iPhone you are able to utilize its 48 megapixel sensor and get even wider shots. The SANDMARC wide lens shoots quality videos and photos in any low-light setting, because of it's advanced optics.

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When do you use a wide lens?

Once you begin using a wide angle lens it will be hard to not always keep one handy. Think vast landscapes, and scenes. This lens is able to capture a wider field of view that will elevate your photos and personal vlogs. When shooting a video of yourself it’s hard to capture the surrounding scenery in your frame, but the wide angle lens eliminates that issue.

When attaching the SANDMARC wide lens onto your iPhone be sure to place the lens on the bottom left lens for the best quality photos and video.
Follow along as the SANDMARC team shoots with the wide lens for the day. Watch as they demonstrate how to shoot the best quality photos and videos with the wide lens.

Recommended App in Video:

Filmic Pro is a video app that adjusts your iPhone lens to the SANDMARC wide lens.