Why You Need an iPhone Case for Camera Protection

And the three features you should look for in a case to ensure camera protection.

The iPhone camera has a unique build that is only compatible with genuine Apple parts. It takes a well certified technician to repair your iPhone camera. Taking your iPhone model into consideration and the amount of damage, it can cost between $150 to needing a completely new iPhone to get your iPhone camera repaired. It’s ideal to try to avoid this fee overall by purchasing a case that will not only protect your phone, but the camera as well.

Three Features to Look for in an iPhone Case to Protect Your Camera

From one lens, to two, then three, and add in an elevated base, the stakes are higher then ever when it comes to your iPhone camera’s protection. Many iPhone cases that are sold don’t take the iPhone’s camera into consideration. As the iPhone's camera becomes more complex cases need to adhere to it's complex design. Below are three features to look for in an iPhone case to ensure your camera is protected.

1. Lifted Mount

Whether it's to the gym, going out to eat, or to work, we take our iPhone everywhere with us. It gets thrown into our pockets, purses, and placed on tables. With all the movement, the lens is likely to get scratched or smudged. This is why ensuring your case has a lifted mount is important.

When your case has a lifted mount, you don't need to worry about the lens coming into immediate contact with the surface your phone is on.

2. Surrounds the Base

The iPhone camera has three lenses, and a base that surrounds the lenses. As the iPhone camera has advanced the base has become larger creating a bump. The base entails the flash feature, and the LiDAR scanner (Light Detection and Ranging). The LiDAR scanner (the mini black circle photographed below) is what tells your iPhone to switch to night mode, portrait mode, and is what allows for the use of AR apps on your iPhone.

These key features are what allow for many of the advanced settings used in your iPhone camera. This portion of your iPhone camera is just as important and should be protected as well.
The evolution of the iPhone Bump
LiDAR Scanner

3. Strong Material

The material used to protect your lens base does matter. To ensure your camera is protected your case should have a material that has high strength. A material like plastic isn't recommended due to it's lack of ability to sustain itself in a fall. Rubber or aluminum are ideal materials due to their strength and durablility.

Should you purchase lens protectors for your iPhone camera?

The short answer is no, we don't recommend it. Covering your iPhone lenses with a lens protector is the equivalent of placing a filter over your lens. It's even worse though because a lens protector is not built to enhance your photos and videos.

A lens protector can mess with your auto-focus and create blurry images, or cause bad reflections. As a result your photos and videos will not be good quality. An elevated base, and protector that surrounds the lens is efficient in protecting the camera, while maintaining the quality of your iPhone camera.

Why the SANDMARC Case

At SANDMARC, we value the iPhone’s camera and all that it has to offer. We decided to make a case that not only protects your camera, but gives you an elevated style while capturing your best shots.
Our iPhone case is sleek, made with full-grain leather, and has an aluminum elevated portion to protect your iPhone camera. Because the camera protector is built in, you don't have to worry about the iPhone case not fitting correctly. This case is ideal for photographers, travelers, filmmaker or creators on the go. The SANDMARC case offers an elevated style while providing durable protection for your iPhone camera.
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