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SANDMARC Introduces Binocular & Monocular

San Diego, California — SANDMARC, a brand specializing in designing products for photographers, filmmakers and travelers, launching its latest product, the SANDMARC Binocular and Monocular; A line of optics for the birdwatcher, boater, hiker or the overall adventure seeker.

Binocular 12x50
Wide Field of View, Track Moving Objects
Magnify objects at distance with two barrels.
Monocular 10x50
Narrow Field of View, Lightweight & Compact
 Identify objects at a distance with one barrel.

Premium Multi-Coated Glass

Both the binocular and monocular contain multi-coated glass. The premium glass ensures sharp imagery for landmarks, animals or any distant object users have their eyes on. With sharp imagery comes the ability to present vivid life-like color through reducing chromatic aberration, which is when the wavelengths for different colors of light do not converge on the same focal plane, creating a rainbow halo around objects.

iPhone Adapter

The SANDMARC binocular and monocular come with an iPhone Adapter, allowing for a communal viewing experience. Both optics come with a provided cylindrical device to twist on any iPhone SANDMARC case that can then tighten onto the eyepiece of the preferred optics. As the user attaches the iPhone adapter, the user will be able to display what is shown through the optics on their iPhone. Users can share their findings in the moment on display on their iPhone, or capture a photo to share later.

*Available for iPhone 14 and above.
Viewed via Binocular
Viewed via Binocular
Viewed via Monocular
Viewed via Monocular

Easily Mountable

Using binoculars and monoculars for long periods of time can be tiring to users' arms, making it harder to create a steady hand. Being able to mount is important in keeping a steady focus and not losing sight of an object for long periods of time. Users can easily mount their binocular and monocular to any tripod via Arca Swiss plate.
Binocular + SANDMARC Tripod
Monocular + SANDMARC Tripod

Technical Specifications

☉ Objective Lens Diameter: 50mm
☉ Magnification: 10.5x
☉ Eye Relief: 18mm
☉ Waterproof: IPX6
☉ Field of View: 366ft / 1000 yards
☉ Interpupillary Distance: 56-74mm
☉ Height: 7 1/4 Inches
☉ Width: 5.1 Inches
☉ Weight: 1 lb 12 oz

☉ Objective Lens Diameter: 50mm
☉ Magnification: 12x
☉ Eye Relief: 17mm
☉ Waterproof: IPX7
☉ Field of View: 396ft / 1000 yards
☉ Interpupillary Distance: 56-74mm
☉ Height: 6 1/4 Inches
☉ Width: 3 Inches
☉ Weight: 1 lb 2 oz


Images of Binocular & Monocular
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