Not received
    "I do not know because I have not received it yet"
    silvia f.
    The best filters for GoPro Hero 4!
      "I have used these Sandmarc Aerial Filters before and now I ordered a second set because they are just brilliant! I also tried a different brand but they did not have the same build quality as these filters. I can highly recommend the Sandmarc Aerial Filters if you are still using a GoPro 3 or 4 on a DJI Phantom drone! On a sidenote: I had to contact the sandmarc support team because the shipment had somehow disappeared on its way to me and they are great too! Support was very fast, friendly and helpful. Thanks again, Sandmarc Team! "
      Michael B.
      Good product
        "The aqua filter super suit works very well, I had one for my GoPro 6 black and I liked the results so I bought an other one for the new GoPro 7 black."
        Todd C.
        In love with it!
          "This lens is totally worth and I recommend it without a doubt. The bonus of it is that it also improves the quality of the photo, not only makes it wider. Looking forward to taking a lot of photos with it. "
          Awesome for multiple use cases
            "I bought this to record basketball games and capture the entire width of the court but this is so much more useful for other things. I just recently took a trip to Lisbon Portugal and the pictures we captured with this were amazing. Great for vacation photos, for selfies and for panoramas "
            Billy F.
            Best wide lens on the market
              "I had a lot of different lenses for my iPhone, but this one is far the best one I've ever had. No distortion on the edges ... combined with the cover this is a must have for all iPhone photo enthusiast. Just upgraded my phone to an iPhone XR ... so I have to upgrade the cover!"
              Harald L.
              Pro Plus Filters For Mavic PRO
                "Outstanding quality, can’t praise them enough. I am a Professional film photographer for 27 years, and must say these filters took the image quality and color rendering to a new level ! Best buy ever for my drone !! Elmer Lahne"
                Elmer L.
                You will love it!
                  "The quality of the case, clip and the lens itself are superior. The lens threads onto the case and you then have a very solid feeling “camera” ready to shoot. The sharpness and field of vision of the lens are fantastic—never again miss a face in that group selfie!!"
                  David H.
                  Very Satisfied Customer *****
                    "The customer service from when I began inquiring about the lenses was remarkable. I even gave that feedback to the rep. When the customer service is of high standards I have no issues buying from that vendor. Now, the lenses are exceptional and I use them everyday. You can check out my IG @robertho1 and I constantly tag sandmarc since I’m now part of the family! I’m in the market for a Tele lens and would love to get one and I could write a review on it. Keep up the fabulous customer service!!!"
                    Robert H.
                    Aqua Filter - Super Suit services
                      "Great services, I filters get lost in the mail and they send me other one right away The service were very efficient. Didn't use it yet.."
                      Marc H.
                      Wide lens for IPhone
                        "I love this lens so much. It really makes my pictures and videos so much better and for such an affordable price. Really one of the best purchases I’ve made all year. Check out @good_boy_steve on Instagram to see how amazing these pictures look! :)"
                        Samantha M.
                        Love the lens!
                          "I really do love the lens. It is a quality piece of optics! The iPhone X case, however, is a little lacking. If it had just one millimeter or so more depth the screen would be protected by the edges from face-down scratches which is a much more likely possibility with the lens attached. And yes, I do have a screen protector adhered to my iPhone. Please let me know if you ever have a deeper case. I would be willing to purchase one. Thank you!"
                          P.G. R.
                          Wide lens!
                            "We took the lens to Peru. It was totally awesome. The only thing I didn’t like was if the light was not enough it would just turn black. But the pictures that we took with it were amazing"
                            Maurgana S.
                            Great lens for iPhone X
                              "Mostly use the lens for video. I’m not a serious videographer but take lots of home movies and record gigs playing music. The wide angle makes capturing footage much easier when I can’t have my phone far away. Have recently gotten into making video edits of my son learning to skateboard and this lens has helped me capture videos easier by letting me stay closer to him without cutting him out of frame. It’s on the heavier side so I had to rig my gimbal to work with it but it gets the job done great. "
                              Jasson E.
                              Amazing Polarizer
                                "I am in love with the polarizer I received from you guys. It has transformed the video I take over the ocean. It is spectacular, thanks!"
                                Ross D.
                                Absolutely love it!
                                  "The case is of great help because it has the lens close to the phone and it is easy to screw it in and take great pics and videos."
                                  James V.
                                  exceptional product
                                    "the lenses arrived on time. the phone case is perfect and the lenses fit perfectly. they are a quality product and the photos are beautiful"
                                    Alessio C.
                                      "So far I’m very impressed with the polarizer filter, fits snugly and feel solid."
                                      Brad O.
                                        "Great product charges everything at the sametime"
                                        DENNIS V.
                                          "First impression is outstanding! "
                                          Hans B.
                                          Absolutely happy!
                                            "This product is a 1A."
                                            René S.
                                            Amazing lens
                                              "I bought this with mediocre expectations, and I was really pleased and throughly enjoy taking pictures and videos. Much more than ever. "
                                              Jason S.
                                              Just what I was looking for!
                                                "I had been using a macro lens from another brand with higher magnification, which I enjoyed, but wanted something less... blur. So I looked into sandmarc lens, and voila! They had a slightly lower magnification macro lens, complete with a bag, microfiber cloth, clip, hood, and a very smooth feeling matte case. The focus is what i was looking for, with less blur around the subject. I haven’t used the hood yet, but it is a cool idea and addition. I wish I could submit images!! I highly recommend the macro lens! "
                                                Stacey S.
                                                Better quality than stock iPhone lenses!!
                                                  "I figured this lens would improve my photos, but WOW. Boy did they improve! The glass in these lenses are QUALITY! They’re definitely not cheaply made, the construction is impressive! And combined with the circular polarizing filter on and the combo will transform your Mobile photography forever!! "
                                                  Michael M.
                                                  The Case Make the Difference
                                                    "I’ve tried many add-on lenses over the years and each one of them has fallen short of what I needed. They were either too cumbersome to use efficiently, optical quality was below par, or the focal length just didn’t fit my needs. I was looking for a secure, easily connected, wide angle (not fish eye) with superior optical quality. I finally found it with Sandmarc’s Wide Lens and included phone case. Don’t let the cheap $15 clip-on lenses on Amazon fool you, the $90 spent on this lens is well worth the money and you won’t keep spending $20 here, and $15 there to find that right solution. Examples are on my Instagram glenhaas_201. See for yourself."
                                                    Glen A.
                                                    Lovely Wide Angle Lens!
                                                      "This wide lens is amazing! The pictures were clear, tack sharp, and even improved the colour and warmth of the pic. This being said we compared with and without the lens pictures, and the result showed that with the lens attached, pics had a “Canon SLR” look to them. I would not hesitate recommending this excellent product to anyone looking for a wider lens for their phone. I would give this lens a 5/5!!!"
                                                      Dennis R.
                                                      Great lenses with great price
                                                        "Great lenses with great price ..happy me !! "
                                                        Priyanka B.
                                                        GREAT PRODUCT
                                                          "WORKS AWESOME WITH THE IPHONE X."
                                                          James J.
                                                          Worth its weight in gold
                                                            "The Sandmarc circular polarizer for cell phones is absolutely priceless, especially for those of us who come from a landscape photography background but find ourselves carrying just a phone more often than a big SLR these days. The filter itself is of excellent quality, and the clip grips the phone very securely. Absolutely recommended."
                                                            Kathryn W.
                                                            Sandmarc wide angle lens
                                                              "Love it alot cos I don't need to carry my heavy slr around any more! However the quality of the handphone case can be better."
                                                              Esther T.