Film on iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max Reading 3 Video Stabilizers You Need for Increased Viewer Retention Rate 1 minute

3 iPhone Stabilizers that will have Viewers Hooked from Start to Finish

Your audience will be captivated.
At SANDMARC, we aim to create products that will elevate your iPhone camera. The cinema slider, film rig and motion dolly were designed to give your filmmaking that extra touch of high quality. Smooth transitions will be all you are known for with these video stabilizers.

What is a Video Stabilizer?

Have you ever recorded a video on your iPhone but when you do a playback notice how shaky each shot is? It's hard to control but we naturally have unsteady hands, and your camera can pick up on it. Video stabilizers were created to take away the shake, and stabilize your videos. Once you start using a video stabilizer it'll be hard to go back to not using one at all. It will make a huge difference in creating seamless transitions and engaging movement.

Why It’s Important to Include Transitions & Movement

People have a low attention span, but by adding movement and transitions in your videos you will see an increase in retention rate. A healthy amount of movement and transitions in your videos will engage your audience and create a more immersive experience. Using these methods can complement your storytelling and change the viewer’s perspective. The cinema slider, film rig and motion dolly can capture angles that will transform your filmmaking.

Cinema Slider

The cinema slider is is made with carbon fiber and aluminum to ensure stability. It was created to create smooth transitions. It can capture shots horizonatlly and vertically by attaching it to a tripod.
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Film Rig

The film rig doesn’t need a counter weight to properly balance out the weight of the iPhone. This is great for capturing up close action shots. This can allow your audience to feel immersed in your video. There a lot of room for flexibility when using the film rig.
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Motion Dolly

For smooth on the go transitions. The motion dolly will allow you to get up close to view the finer details of an object. You can get hard to reach angles, while implementing a stabilized movement. This is great to use for detailed product shots.
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Implementing these three stabilizers in your filmmaking will add a creative flare to your videos. Each of them are light, and easy to carry on the go. You won't regret the smooth shots you will start to produce.