What is a Ring Light?

This portable and versatile light will make all the difference in your photos.
Behind every great photo or video is great lighting. One lighting tool we have seen become broadly used within the last few years is the ring light.

Are they worth it? Yes. These portable, and versatile lights will make all the difference in your photos. At SANDMARC we see how ring lights can elevate your photography which is why we’ve created our own.
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Where It All Began

In 1952 Lester A. Dine invented the ring light for dental/medical reasons. It eventually was picked up by the fashion industry, and as we’ve seen in 2020 grew in the world of social media.

These rounded lights are great for perfectly distributing light on a model’s face. It highlights their facial features and reduces shadows in the background. The light is shaped like a ring to allow space for the camera to be placed in the middle. Placing the camera in the middle allows for the maximum amount of light to be attained through the camera lens.

What Are They Used For?

The type of lighting a ring light provides is perfect for the categories listed below:

  • Portrait Photography

You can place the ring light in front of your model, to the side, over them, or behind them for a cool effect. When it is placed in front of your model a reflection will be cast onto their eyes, making for an epic shot.

  • Macro Photography

A ring light is perfect for keeping consistent lighting on your object as you move closer. The camera can cast shadows and darken your object but the ring light will keep it well-lit the whole time. This is what makes them useful in the realm of macro photography.

  • Live Streaming

The consistent lighting makes for a natural glow. It reduces shadows and will make your videos look more professional.

  • Conference Calls

Having a ring light can ensure you get the most flattering light for each conference call.

  • YouTube Creators

Whether you are shooting a video in your home or out and about the color temperature grade is perfect for any setting.

Why SANDMARC's Ring Light?

Highlighted below are the essential features our ring light has to complement your creative aspirations.
Perfect Size: The SANDMARC Ring Light stands at 31 centimeters and weighs 460g making it the perfect size to take with you on the go
Durable Tripod: Our ring light can attach to any tripod. We recommend using SANDMARC’s Pro-Edition to create a ring light stand. The Pro-Edition is an extendable tripod and can reach up to 63.4 inches, which makes for great portrait shots. Our tripods are made with aluminum making them strong enough to handle being moved around.

The ring light easily attaches to the tripod and can be adjusted. It is great to use for overhead shots!
Bi-Color Lighting: Bi-Color tones are great for navigating the different environments that you will be shooting in. With SANDMARC's ring light you will be able to adjust from warm to cool colors by choosing between the temperature grades of 3,200k and 6,500k.
Type-C Charging: The type-c charging allows for more versatile charging while on the go.
Wireless Ring Light: With no cord to keep you connected to the closest outlet you will feel the freedom to move anywhere. A cordless ring light gives you the ability to dream big with where you want to shoot at.
Long Lasting Battery Life: When using the ring light at 100% brightness the battery life will last you up to 4 hours.
Travel Case: With each purchase, we provide a case to hold and protect your gear.
Free Standing: Did you forget your tripod or are in no need of one? No worries, our ring light has the ability to stand on its own. Making it easier to set up where ever you need to.
Lighting is key to great shots and adding the SANDMARC Ring Light to your camera gear will make all the difference. Your photos and videos will begin to look elevated and you will be amazed at how they are turning out.