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How to get the coolest pictures on vacation?

2022 Photo Guide

Need that insta approved shot?
We’ve got you covered! Here are our tips on how to get the best pics on vacation.

The Location

Women in red dress shot on telephoto lens

Backgrounds are crucial! They can make or break your photo.

Wherever you're vacationing, we recommend focusing on your background!

For instance if you’re going to take a picture with pink roses in the background, you wouldn’t want to be in a pink outfit.

Contrasting colors is where it’s at! If you were in a white or blue top you would definitely stand out rather than blending in with the background.

Wearing the color red with a neutral background color is another great way to step up your photo.

The image on the left was taken using the Telephoto Lens.
rule of thirds image of women looking over downtown

Show off the view, but still stand out in the photo.

Whenever you’re taking a photo and want to show off the view, our recommendation is to follow the rule of thirds.

This is a good rule to follow when you're taking pictures with an ocean view, of the city, or just in nature.

This is how you can capture the best nature pics to put on the gram.

Break the rules

Now let’s say you're in a popular café somewhere in the middle of France, here is where you can disregard the rule of thirds.

Centered photography is when it’s all about symmetry. Focus your shot with the subject aligned in the center of your camera’s frame.

Choose a focus, it’s either you or that cake on your plate. Helpful hint: holding up the food/beverage closer to your chest helps improve the shot!
Shot on the Drama Filter
Credit: Gian Cescon

The Weather

Whether you’re vacationing in Hawaii, Miami, or somewhere in Europe
you can’t always have perfect weather.

We recommend getting gear that allows you to adjust to the weather condition you're vacationing in. For example, our Hybrid Filter contains 3 filters; ND16/PL, ND32/PL, & ND64/PL. The ND16/PL filter is great for shooting on cloudy days/winter. The ND32/PL filter is great for Fall/Spring time when you have those mild cloudy days. The ND64/PL is your summer filter for when it’s nice and sunny outside.
iPhone + Hybrid Filter
Captured by @carl_brightman
iPhone + Hybrid Filter
Captured by @Tashiesimmons
iPhone + Hybrid Filter
Captured by @mayhem35

Reflections in your photos?

The Hybrid filter also helps reduce them as it minimizes the amount of light that enters your iPhone’s camera.

The Hybrid Filter consists of two filters: a neutral density filter & a polarizer filter. The combination of both filters in one reduces glares and provides clearer skies in a shot.

The filter allows you to be in control of the shutter speed and magnifies the color of your photo. Which helps you capture the coolest images from your trip!

The Shot

The key to shooting the coolest pictures.

Vacation pictures can always be tough to master. But here are our tips on how to take the best vacation pictures.

  • Take a lot of photos in multiple poses.
  • Don't delete any photos right away.
  • Take your time taking the photo.
  • When your iPhone is on camera mode, make sure to tap on your screen to let your iPhone know where your focal point is.
  • Be unique. Often times people take the same pictures on vacation, whether its on the beach or of a popular landmark. Take some time and think of how you want to portray your image.

Here are some cool vacation photos to get some inspiration from.

iPhone + Fisheye Lens
Captured by @iamod_
iPhone + Wide Lens
Captured by @myrulee
iPhone + Drama Filter
Captured by @albascura__

The Lens

A picture that's instagramable.

It's all about having the right lens to achieve the highest resolution image. Especially if you don't have the latest iPhone, you'll really make use of these lenses.

Our Picks:

The Telephoto Lens

The Telephoto Lens was made for capturing everyday life, portraits, people & food photography. With 2x zoom capabilities you can capture better vacation pictures. The lens is also compatible with SANDMARC's Drama Filter & Scape Filter.

In this photo:

Photo Credits: @_decalogues

Below are some examples of shots captures on the Telephoto Lens.

iPhone + Telephoto Lens
Captured by @alpine_treasures
iPhone + Telephoto Lens
Captured by @CharlieZhuang
iPhone + Telephoto Lens
Captured by @cumacevikphoto

The Fisheye Lens

The Fisheye Lens was made for capturing urban, landscape, & concert photography. Captures images from a unique and artistic perspective with 5x ultra-wide field of view.

In this photo:

Photo Credits: @nth.anthony_sandmarc
iPhone + Fisheye Lens
Captured by @peter.rajkai
iPhone + Fisheye Lens
Captured by @i.frolova 
iPhone + Fisheye Lens
Captured by @xcanadian