SANDMARC launches Hybrid Pro Filters for DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras
San Diego, California — SANDMARC, a brand specializing in photography gear for iPhone, DJI and GoPro cameras, launched professional-grade polarized ND filters for DSLR & Mirrorless cameras: Hybrid Pro Filters.
PRO Performance
The Hybrid Pro Filters combines SANDMARC's two best filters in one: ND & Polarizer. Whether a filmmaker or a photographer, this is the filter set to take everywhere.

ND filters improve the dynamic range of your shot in bright light, add motion blur to moving objects, and have more control over exposure without sacrificing a cinematic shutter speed.

Polarizer filter is the ultimate protector of highlights, defending against specific types of light pollution, while also providing a boost of color and capturing more details in your photograph.

Multi-Coated Glass
Hybrid Pro Filter is designed from a multi-coated and anti-reflective glass that produces accurate color transmission, and aluminum frame material that makes it both durable and light.

Versatile Shooting
Each Hybrid Filter set includes three filters: ND16/PL, ND32/PL and ND64/PL, allowing you to shoot in most weather conditions whether it be cloudy or bright conditions.
Technical Specifications
☉ Glass - Multi-coated
☉ Frame - Aluminum
☉ Weight- 14-28 g (0.5-1 oz)

☉ Cloudy Days (Winter): ND16/PL Filter
☉ Mild Cloudy Days (Fall, Spring): ND32/PL Filter
☉ Sunny Days (Summer): ND64/PL Filter

☉ Polarized ND16 Filter (ND16/PL)
☉ Polarized ND32 Filter (ND32/PL)
☉ Polarized ND64 Filter (ND64/PL)

☉ 82mm Lenses
☉ 77mm Lenses
☉ 67mm Lenses
☉ 58mm Lenses
Images of Hybrid Pro Filters
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