Best Free & Paid Filters for VSCO

Guide To VSCO Presets & Filters
VSCO is a well known photo editing app and social platform that's been around since its launch in 2012. VSCO sets itself apart from other apps with its user friendly interface, large array of editing tools, unique presets, and social dashboard for sharing your photos.

VSCO is an all in one editing app that will take your iPhone photography game to the next level.Here are the top free and paid filters to create Instagram worthy pictures right on your iPhone.

Free VSCO Presets

Free VSCO preset C1

C1 - Chromatic

C1 is the first of three filters in the Vibrant Classic series. It saturates colors to make pictures extra vibrant and rich in color. This filter is beautiful when used on flowers, animals, and even in portraits.
Free VSCO preset M5

M5 - Mood

M5 offers a more understated retro vibe which points to past decades. The understated and desaturated look of this filter is great for adding classic character to landscapes and portraits.
Free B&W VSCO preset

B1 - B&W Classic

VSCO offers a variety of black and white filters but B1 is a classic. The monochrome filter offers amazing contrast and shadow detail that allows your pictures to truly pop.

Paid VSCO Presets

VSCO preset AV4

AV4 - Agfa Vista 400

The Agfa Vista filter mimics a type of film photography that was originally created for amateur photographers. By creating more vivid blue tones and muted neutral tones, this filter is perfect for emulating film.
VSCO preset J6

J6 - Minimalist

J6 is a filter made for minimalists. By reducing the saturation of the photo, this preset mutes the colors and instead lets the details shine through. Use this filter on portraits or natural landscapes to highlight texture and bring forth character.
VSCO preset L5

L5 - Forest

L5 was created by VSCO to bring out the blue and greens of landscapes while simultaneously adding a vibrant pop to warm tones. This filter works great on forestry landscapes.

iPhone Camera Filters

If you want to enhance your iPhone photography or video without post-production editing, I recommend using attachable filters for your iPhone.

SANDMARC makes lens attachments and filters that can clip right over your iPhone camera or screw into their lens compatible cases.

Scape ND Filter

Scape Filters are neutral density (ND) filters that reduce the intensity of light coming to a camera allowing you to take control of your iPhone’s exposure & shutter speed. Ideal for creating cinematic videos and long-exposure photography, Scape Filters unlock the camera capabilities of your iPhone.

Drama PL Filter

Drama Polarizer Filter acts as a polarized sunglasses for your phone. Helps to suppress surface glare, take dynamic landscape photography, darken skies and manage reflections.