iPhone 14 - Camera, Specs, & much more

Here’s what we know & what’s to be expected

Apple’s latest iPhone

We’re spilling the tea on what to expect this coming fall with Apple’s latest iPhone drop. Rumors, Leaks, Facts or lies, we’ve done the research & checked our sources.

Here’s everything we can assume to predict about the iPhone 14 Pro.

What We Know

Apple is notoriously known for dropping a new iPhone release every year during the month of September. With that every year we tend to hear and see a lot of fake news.

Over the years we have scoped out what sources have been credible or had reliable leaks of the unreleased iPhone models in the past and closed in on their predictions.

Say Goodbye

As most of us have already heard, Apple will discontinue their iPhone mini series, since the larger iPhone like the iPhone 13 Pro Max tend to sell more. The iPhone 14 Max will be replacing the iPhone mini series.

iPhone 14 Models

What we can tell is that the future iPhone 14 models have not changed their physical appearance as much in comparison to the iPhone 13 models. What has been confirmed according to EverythingApplePro, is that on the iPhone 14 Pro models the dual hole punch will have a camera appear as a small individual circle on the right side. The left side will contain the face id components. The speaker as well as the earpiece will be placed higher up on the iPhone and will look smoother than before.

The corners of the new iPhone model are supposedly going to be sleeker, having increased the radius of the iPhone’s corners. The theory is that the iPhone 14 is going to complement the design of the series 7 Apple Watch, having a bigger screen with a rounder overall look. As a result, we can expect that the iPhone 14 models have a thicker and rounder design.

The entire iPhone 14 line up will feature improved selfie camera as well as a f/1.9 aperture from f/2.2. In order to create a better low light performance and autofocus feature on selfie mode. The A15 chip is to be expected on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max. The entire iPhone 14 series will feature 6GB of RAM. The lower 14 models will feature slower LP DDR 5x RAM.

The Predicted Design of the iPhone 14

Credits: Forbes
Credits: Forbes

iPhone 14 Pro Exclusives

The camera is supposedly expanding as it is getting taller, wider, and thicker to fit Apple’s claims of creating a 48 megapixels camera with 8k recording. To be able to achieve that higher resolution, Apple does need to form more room for a larger camera.

The lens will apparently be getting taller by 1.92 millimeters and wider by 1.72 millimeters. If our sources are correct, Apple will no longer have that square shaped look and will be going back to the rectangle look they once had before for their lenses. We can also assume the individual lenses will extend out higher from the rear glass by 0.77 millimeters.

The primary wide angle sensor lens will apparently also be increasing in expansion by 21%. If this is true the overall difference between the iPhone 14 Pro model line up and the iPhone 13 Pro models is by 57%. Which would be a considerably large upgrade Apple would have made to the iPhone camera.

The lower end iPhone 14 models will apparently not have 120 hertz, however other sources have claimed otherwise. The dual hole punch is only exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro models. The iPhone 14 Pro will be the only one containing Apple’s A16 chip and the A16 bionic. However, the lower end of the iPhone 14 models will not contain them.

Apple will be apparently offering a 2 terabyte upgrade for the iPhone 14 Pro.

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The Rumors

Here are some claims made from multiple sources about the iPhone 14 models.

The rumors are that Apple wants to achieve a complete screen filled design by 2024, and the iPhone 14 is making the first steps to get the design there.

Apple will be upgrading the true tone flash making it a little bit larger.

New iPhone 14 launch color: Purple. Possibly bronze. Removal of certain colors so we may only see iPhone 14 colors in, black, white, red, purple, and blue.

Apple may have their satellite communication feature finally ready for the iPhone 14 models. This feature enables users to have access to emergency communication and texts.

Apple will be upgrading to a new processor by Qualcomm that will prolong Apple’s battery life. This processor features a 6 nanometer process and will be their first official 10 gigahertz modem. If Apple is upgrading to this chip it will be more efficient and will take up less space.

Apple has been testing their own Modems in house which they may release by 2023 or 2024.

By 2023 our sources are predicting that Apple will be ready to launch the periscope zoom feature, which will allow users the ability to zoom and get a shot of the moon.

In 2023 it has also been predicted that Apple may launch a new feature with the iPhone 15 Pro. This system could be an under the screen face id system with a single selfie camera.

Touch ID under the screen will be launching, however reports have indicated that that timeline may have shifted to be expected in 2024.

We can expect the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max to use the same camera module as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.