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Minimal Leather Cases

Why we made this

After a surge in requests to create a stripped down version of our Pro series, we're excited to introduce the Minimal Leather Case: A sleek iPhone case for those who opt-in for a minimalist style.

Colors just match!

With the introduction of the iPhone titanium color, the minimal leather case is designed for a perfect match. The all-black color also complements the black iPhone for ultra minimalistic look. Mix and match to create your own combo as well.

Magnet Enabled

While retaining a minimal design, the Minimal Case allows you to charge your MagSafe and wireless chargers seamlessly.

Full Grain Leather

Made from a high grade full-grain leather, SANDMARC’s leather is going to last you a lifetime, with a rich patina that develops with age. Full Grain Leather comes from the outermost layer of a hide, as it contains a dense amount of fibers. The fibers are what makes the leather obtain a finer grain.

Designed For iPhone

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