Binocular & Monocular


Why we made this

When you are enjoying the outdoors, there will be times when you can't quite make out something in the distance and need to get a closer look to scope things out. Whether birdwatching, surveying the terrain, hunting, or even photography, the SANDMARC Monocular or Binocular are the perfect tools to getting an up-close look.



10x Magnification


12x Magnification

Precision Engineered

iPhone Mount

The binocular and monocular come with a patent-pending mount that allows you to easily attach to the iPhone. This elevates your binocular and monocular experience by giving you the ability to capture images on your iPhone.

Multi-Coated Glass

Premium glass to exhibit sharp imagery and ensure you view every object in its true colors.

Comfortable &


Shot on iPhone

With iPhone

With Binocular

With iPhone

With Monocular


Tripod Compatible

To reduce the possibility of blur created by small movements, we've built the binocular and monocular with the ability to mount on any tripod.

Detachable Strap

On the monocular, an included detachable strap for added security when scoping out your location.

iPhone Compatibility

☉ iPhone 15 Pro Max
☉ iPhone 15 Pro

☉ iPhone 14 Pro Max
☉ iPhone 14 Pro