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Which iPhone Camera Lens Has the Best Quality?

An explanation of the iPhone's lenses, and where to properly place your SANDMARC lens.
Apple has crafted its camera to capture beautiful images and shoot amazing videos. The camera is user friendly, but at first glance, the three lenses on the back can be overwhelming. In this article, we'll cover all the iPhone models and specify which lens is of the highest quality on each model. We will also determine where to place your SANDMARC lens for an elevated experience.

From Two Lenses to Three, to Where is the Main Camera?

Spoiler alert, the lens with the best quality is the wide lens otherwise, known as the main lens, but each iPhone model places the main camera in a different location. Don't get overwhelmed, we will show you where it is located on each iPhone model.

The iPhone Pro models become more complicated, so we provided diagrams below. As each model's camera features became more advanced, Apple changed the name of the wide lens to the main camera.

iPhone 11 Pro

As the diagram shows, the wide camera is the top lens, and this is where you would place the SANDMARC Lens for best quality.

iPhone 12 Pro

Same as the previous iPhone model, the wide main camera is on the top and SANDMARC users can place their lenses for highest quality footage.

iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro is where Apple switches it up. The wide lens is now on the bottom, making the bottom lens the best spot to attach your SANDMARC lens.

iPhone 14 Pro

Apple continues to stay consistent by placing the main camera on the bottom. If you have the iPhone 14 Pro you will place your SANDMARC lens on the bottom lens to maximize the use of the 48MP main camera.

iPhone 15 Pro

The latest iPhone 15 Pro has the main camera on the bottom as well. Similar to the iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro, place the SANDMARC lens on the bottom lens.