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SANDMARC introduces Telephoto 6x Lens for iPhone

San Diego, California — SANDMARC, a brand specializing in designing products for photographers, filmmakers and travelers, launching its latest product, Telephoto 6x Lens.

Superior Performance

Compared to the iPhone's native telephoto camera, the Telephoto 6x optical zoom renders sharper images and better low light performance. Users will be amazed at the superior performance of their 48MP camera on the iPhone 15 Pro/iPhone 14 Pro or their main camera sensor on previous iPhone models, when paired with the Telephoto 6x Lens.

Adjustable Focus Wheel

The adjustable focus wheel allows the user to choose their focal point. This is ideal for the photographer who may have a different idea than their camera on what should be the focal point. With distance comes the need for precision. An automatic focus will have more difficulty focusing on a chosen focal point due to various objects that may crowd it, while a manual focus allows the user to focus with more ease and precision.

Go the Distance with 6x Optical Zoom

The 6x Telephoto Lens is capable of capturing 6x optical zoom. Whether it be a significant landmark, or wildlife yards away the Telephoto 6x can capture it. Distance is no longer a barrier in capturing what a user may have their eyes set on from afar. The optical zoom allows for natural looking long distance shots that are hard to accomplish when using a digital zoom feature.
Without Lens
With Telephoto 6x 

Pristine Lowlight Close-Ups

Night or day shoots? It’s up to the user with the Telephoto 6x Lens. Capable of capturing shots in low light conditions, no darkness can weaken a photographer’s envisioned close ups. Say goodbye to poorly lit, grainy night photos. Whether utilized during day or night the Telephoto 6x Lens will provide high quality images with maximum zoom.

Shallow Depth of Field with Natural Bokeh

With a 6x zoom, a photographer is bound to have numerous objects distracting from their focal point. A shallow depth of field allows for a clear-cut shot of the desired focal point. Complementing the shallow depth of field is a natural bokeh that softens the background, making for a beautiful shot.

Technical Specifications

☉ Magnification: 6X
☉ Height: 119mm
☉ Diameter: 37mm
☉ Focus Distance: 16 ft - ∞
☉ Field of View Angle (degree): 17°


All iPhone Models


Images of Telephoto 6x Lens
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