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Best Camera Apps for iPhone Photo and Video

The two apps you need to download.
Like our SANDMARC lenses and filters, we constantly find ways to elevate your iPhone's capabilities. To dive deeper into the world of iPhone photography and filmmaking there are two apps we recommend you download to expand your editing process.

Why Third-Party Camera Apps are Necessary

Third-party camera apps enable users to take photos and videos resembling those shot on professional cameras. Sometimes, users may experience blackouts or unexpected toggling of the macro mode on the native camera app.

These apps give users more control over settings such as white balance, shutter speed, lens selection, and focus fine-tuning. These apps unlock quality that users may not have thought possible with an iPhone.

1. Download ProCamera for iPhone Photography

The best photo camera app for iPhone is ProCamera. With Pro Camera, users have a plethora of options for camera settings. Everything is customizable, preventing users from being locked into default settings during a shoot. The app offers easy navigation through features such as lens choices, shutter speed, ISO, and manual focus.

Additional options in the bottom right corner allow users to fine-tune their experience, particularly when shooting in different formats like RAW, JPEG, or ProRAW. Pro Camera consistently delivers quality images with SANDMARC's lenses and filters.
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2. Download Blackmagic Camera for iPhone Filmmaking

The best video camera app for the iPhone is Blackmagic Camera. This app offers extensive customization and control, similar to Pro Camera but tailored for video.

Users can control parameters like lens choice, shutter speed, frame rate, ISO, and white balance. The control panel, expertly laid out on the right side, integrates seamlessly with the app, allowing easy intensity adjustment with a slider. Users can toggle certain features on and off and activate helpful guides like grids or zebra stripes with a click.

The app also supports filming in different aspect ratios, showing users how much of their frame will be visible. Focus can be toggled between automatic and manual, granting users control over the sharpness of their subject. Additional features include stabilization for creating cinematic movements and an anamorphic desqueeze for anamorphic lenses.

The Blackmagic Camera app allows recording of 10-bit Apple ProRes files up to 4K resolution. Users can adjust the codec in the settings, offering options like Apple ProRes 422 or 422 LT, depending on desired detail and file size preferences. Users can shoot in Apple Log for a flat image, providing flexibility in post-production color grading.
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For more details on each app check out the SANDMARC video below.
Happy shooting!