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Aerial Filter - Inspire 1 / Osmo

$79.99 USD

Capture epic aerial footage with the SANDMARC Aerial Filter Pack.

The Aerial Filters allow you to get a smoother, better exposed videos and prevent the common jello effect seen on aerial videos. For details on each filter, please check out the Specs section.


    ND4 (2-Stop ND), ND8 (3-Stop ND), ND16 and PL Filter pack to have increased control on exposure
    ✔ The Aerial Filters reduce light coming to the sensor, manage reflections and suppress glare
    ✔ Industrial Grade, Ultra Lightweight, Multi-Coated Glass Material
    Includes: ND4, ND8, ND16, PL Filters, and Filter Case

    - DJI Inspire 1

    - DJI Osmo 



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