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iPhone Lenses

Microscope Lens

40x Magnification

Macro Lens Edition - iPhone - SANDMARC #type_macro 100mm

Macro Lens

Discover the small world

Anamorphic Lens Edition - iPhone 15 Pro - SANDMARC #type_anamorphic 1.55x

Anamorphic Lens

iPhone Filmmaking. Taken Further.

Telephoto Lens

Better Portraits. Better Zoom.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Wide Angle Lens - SANDMARC

Wide Lens

Sharp 16mm Ultrawide

iPhone 15 Pro Max Fisheye Lens - SANDMARC

Fisheye Lens

Next Level Ultrawide

iPhone Filters

iPhone 15 Pro Max Variable ND (VND) Filter - SANDMARC

Motion Filter

Best for iPhone filmmaking

Hybrid nd/pl filters

Scape ND & Drama PL Filter in one

Cloud Diffusion Filters

Dreamy & Retro Look

iPhone 15 Pro Max CPL Polarizer Filter - SANDMARC

Drama Filter

Better colors & dynamic range

Scape ND Filters

Reduce iPhone's light exposure

Think of it as meshing your iPhone with a DSLR camera.


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