They’re the ONES
    "Much better fit on the Mavic camera than competitive filters. I prefer the Sandmarc by far."
    Claude V.
    SANDMARC Pole Compact Edition
      "Great look and feel, love how compact the pole is. Highly recommended! "
      Anna T.
      Sturdy and good material
        "Fast delivery. Haven’t tried it yet but the material looks good. As good as the specifications described. Can’t wait to try it out soon! "
        Tan S.
        A big difference
          "I used these filters and they are as described. It really makes a difference in the quality of footage and photographs. I fully recommend Sandmarc filters and products. They have also been really great at their customer service and have answered all my questions and concerns over FB message. Thank you again."
          Bryan Coello
          on time and great quality
            "on time and great quality"
            jessy b.
            Sandmarc pole
              "Excellent as per description "
              Anthony S.
              Great product! Great choice!
                "Quality, agility, efficience and fair price."
                Jose P.
                The WHOLE set!!
                  "I purchased the Travel edition package for my Hero 4 Silver along with the Pro Travler Adapter AND the ProCharge! I tip my hat off to Sandmarc for such great quality products and fast shipping! Highly recommended!"
                  Mark O.
                    "Great experience filming the whale sharks in the Gulf of Mexico"
                    Pedro José Alves Cordeiro
                    Excellent filters, but need a different gimbal guard
                      "This filters are high quality and well made. They screw on and off, just like the original UV filter that comes with the drone, and are actually easier to thread on. The only issue is that, because they extend forward a bit more than the DJI UV filter, the standard DJI gimbal guard will not work with them. I purchased a cheap gimbal guard from Amazon that pushes on from the front and works great with these filters. And it's much easier to put on and off than the original guard anyway. However, the polarizing filter's rotating adjustment ring has a larger diameter than the ND filters in this kit. So neither the DJI guard nor the new one I bought will work with it. That's fine with me since I rarely use the polarizing filter anyway. But I do like to leave the ND8 on all the time for much of my normal shooting and didn't want to have to take it off and on every time I fly. The new gimbal guard lets me leave it on."
                      Dan Kuchta
                      Holy help
                        "Was good now I just need this gadget and one wire to charge my batteries and control so I save space in the case and don't need many plugs. "
                        Henrique M.
                        Very Happy with Quality
                          "I was very happy with the quality of the iPhone Scape ND and Polarized filters. They fit over my iPhone 7P and my iPad Pro cameras very well, and they have made a great difference in my photo quality."
                          DeeAnne L.
                          Drone Filters
                            "So far these have been amazing. Quality materials used and the best part is that they are not too heavy for the gimbal on the drone. Glass is the most important with any camera lens or filter and these are the best I have ever used. "
                            Dillon D.
                            great gear/great service
                              "My pics and videos look great - polarized filter for overwater shots look amazing. Quick delivery and no problems. "
                              EARL D.
                              Great purchase
                                "I love my Armor Bag. "
                                Ronald S.
                                High Quality
                                  "I'm getting better images with these than polarpro..."
                                  Robert C.
                                  Video brighter than ever
                                    "My Videos in the dark, are brighter than ever. Thanks Sandmarc."
                                    Gabriel B.
                                    SandMarc's, The Only Filter To Be Attached To My P4 Pro
                                      "I have owned Polar Pro's (JUNK) for my P4 Pro, Snake River Prototyping for my GoPro's and SandMarc's for the P4 Pro. The SandMarc's are optically clean and clear with no color shift. The SandMarc's are lightweight and very easy to remove and install. Can't say that for the first brand I mentioned. Living in Arizona I have had to use the ND4, ND8, and ND16. Maybe a ND32 is in the developing (SandMarc) stages as we have some very bright days. Here is a link of a recent video. Lighting was terrible on this day and we are planning on a return trip in October. "
                                      Keith T.
                                      Excellent Product
                                        "The just fit perfect, looks awesome, international shipment was quickly, thank you so much!"
                                        Raul A.
                                        Mavic filters
                                          "So far easy to apply and seem to be of high quality No Problems yet. Johnny"
                                          Johnny K.
                                          SANDMARC Pole Compact Edition
                                            "I have not used it yet, but I believe it will serve me well"
                                            Bostjan K.
                                            Amazing product
                                              "Very good quality 5*"
                                              ivelin I.
                                              SANDMARC Pole Black Edition
                                                "AMAZING!! Will definitely be buying more products for my gopro from you guys!! "
                                                Claribel U.
                                                Great price and quick delivery
                                                  "Great service and communication throughout"
                                                  Greg C.
                                                    "I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I love how easily the filters get attached on and off the lens of the Mavic. It's so smooth and easy. Thank you for this great product, would definitely buy from you again. Please make a ND32 filter for the Mavic!"
                                                    Zoi K.
                                                      "Amazing filters! "
                                                      Alex O.
                                                      The essential set
                                                        "Great so far. Other brands tend to exclude the ND16 and may add a UV, but this set had the essentials: Polarizer, ND 4, 8 and 16. Nice case and reasonable price too."
                                                        Rex W.
                                                        Nice filters guys.
                                                          "Easy to install, and grips the Mavics camera nicely. No issues with gimbal calibration when filter is installed. Great communication. One very happy customer :)"
                                                          Gregory L.
                                                            "Very quickly and all perfect"
                                                            Raul M.
                                                            The best choice
                                                              "Excellent filters, superb service, company with the 1000 mark"
                                                              WALTER R.