lens for iphonex
    "great service, great delivery time, great lens "
    Clive R.
    Appears to be of good construction.
      "I have referred SandMarc products to my friends"
      Zachary N.
      Telephoto Lens for iPhone X - excellent product
        "Sandmarc lenses and mounting systems are excellent. Good glass and metal housing. I can get 4x using it on the 2x lens with Procamera 5 software (not included). My only issue is that at times it is difficult to thread the lens into the housing on the Sandmark case. The lens threads easier when using the clip mount. I shoot RAW so all images require “sharpening”. Can’t wait for delivery tomorrow of the Macro lens and polarizing filter. These accessories make the iPhone X a great and versatile camera."
        Steven R.
        Great POL
          "Perfect! I love using a polarizing filter for landscape and nature photography, so I was very pleased to find the Sandmarc filter for my iOhone 8 Plus. It is well built and works perfectly!"
          Terry M.
          Wide lens rules
            "I bought the wide lens this week to shoot interiors for real estate. I have been able to achieve some really great results. Great quality. Also I love the case. "
            Tony F.
            Brilliant lens
              "Sandmarc Wide angle for iPhone 7 it’s a real precious lens upgrading your phone camera. The effect is similar to professional camera. Excellent brand, good job!!"
              Marco T.
              Absolute must have for iPhone photographers
                "At first I thought why would I buy this lens if I can use the iPhone panorama photo function too? Tried the lens anyway. And the lens is fantastic. sharp all over, very valuable and usable wider angle without fisheye distortion. Adds a whole new world of possibilities of using your iPhone for photography. Landscapes more dramatic, indoor shots more ‚complete’. Possible improvements: a good storage/travel solution to carry the valuable SandMarc Lenses, clips and filters. The pouch is too feeble, lenses too valuable for that, and I have a whole set of lenses and filters now. Secondly: the iPhone casing with screw mount works best, better than the clips (you need to center the lens over the sensor ofetn), but I wish the Sandmarc case was sturdy like a UAG or Tech21 so I could leave it on. Now I have to swap. "
                Joris V.
                Phenomenal lens!
                  "I don't have the equipment, like an DSLR, to capture photos. But Sandmarc makes me feel like I'm a professional photographer! I like that it doesn't change the quality of the photo at all. I love how drastically better my photos turn out because it's a side lens. Not too bulky, I like the screw-on idea (feels more sturdy than the clip) since I was taking photos on a hike. Great idea, Sandmarc! "
                  Loan L.
                  Incredible Quality!
                    "I am a serious photographer, and even if I am using my phone to take pictures, I want quality equipment. I have always been disappointed with the cheap lens kits you can buy for the iPhone, so when I found Sandmarc’s high quality lenses I was ecstatic! Their performance meets all high expectations. Thank you!"
                    Todd H.
                    The beat purchase ever made!!!
                      "I cant stress enough how amazing the diference is shooting out doors with the lense!!"
                      Peter N.
                      STOP dont even think about going anywhere else for filters
                        "This product is my go to filters when using both my Mavic, and Inspire 2"
                        Ray B.
                        Excellent! Works flawless!
                          "The filters are easy to put on and off, works just as expected. I have no complaints so far and I don't regret ordering these from afar instead of buying alternatives in my own country. Keep up the good work!"
                          Kent K.
                          Top Quality Telephoto Lens
                            "Excellent high quality lens with brilliant clarity and definition - one of the best. One small suggestion to improve the security of the case (which I have done) is to make a very small hole in one corner; this has enabled me to attach a wrist lanyard for greater safety and protection when carrying my iPhone."
                            Peter B.
                            Very sharp and wide
                              "Great lens, very sharp and compact. "
                              Tariq A.
                              Amazing product better company.. THUMBS UP
                                "Can’t say enough how great this company is. They have amazing customer service and their products are some of the best on the market"
                                Timothy S.
                                  "The lenses are ******* amazing"
                                  Raul C.
                                  NEXT LEVEL PHOTO AND VIDEO!!!!!
                                    "I am a professional videographer. I have dabbled in i-videography more and more since iPhones cameras had gotten better and better… But now they’re easily competing with DSLRs! And, as the saying goes— “the best camera is the one you have with you” rings so much more true than ever before. These lenses allow you to overcome most of the pitfalls of iPhone recording. Well worth the money!!!"
                                    Michael M.
                                    5 Star
                                      "You guys have to remind me again to review it...I just used the wide lens and it’s great..I luv it...I haven’t tried using the macro, fish eye and the telephoto...I also bought the ND filters...I’m going to Iceland this September I’ll surely use most of them and filters too in taking pics and videos....but so far it’s a five star!!! By the way I like the new iPhone X phone case that came with The telephoto Zoom lens."
                                      Edwin F.
                                      A most have travel adapter!
                                        "This is by far one of the best quality adaptors i ever used! Highly recommended."
                                        The perfect charger!
                                          "Charges both batteries and remote simultaneously. A must have in every GoPro Gear case!"
                                            "great professional product. best aside from polar pro"
                                            wa s.
                                            Excellent quality lens and case!
                                              "I was worried about the case but it looks like I received the updated designed one with two large cutouts for both iPhone X lens instead of just the top one. This makes me think we'll be getting a new lens for portrait mode as well? Overall the pictures and videos come out great! Would highly recommend this wide angled lens for anyone looking to expand their iPhone photography skills!"
                                              Great Purchase
                                                "Loving the results with the lens"
                                                henry d.
                                                Telefoto lens
                                                  "This is the best Telefoto lens I ever used, I recommend it to anyone that likes taking pictures using it. No distortion and absolute clarity, I love it"
                                                  Giuseppe F.
                                                  Love it!!!
                                                    "Sandmarc has figured out the phone lens! Easy to use and high quality. I only shoot with my iPhone and am always looking to simplify production, Sandmarc affords me the opportunity to go simple, lightweight and affordable. I will be getting more lens! @jrmahon "
                                                    John M.
                                                    Wide lens
                                                      "Very nice quality impressed "
                                                      DANIEL L.
                                                        "I do like the lenses but don’t like the cases. These cases in no way protect your iPhone. I now have the case which holds credit cards and the clip doesn’t even work with it. Switching the iPhone cases is not an easy task. Please, Please develop a case which would be better suited for the protection of the iPhone. I would like to use only one (1) case."
                                                        Cindy a.
                                                        Hi Cindy, Glad you're liking your lenses. Thank you for the feedback and we'll let our product team know about your concerns. Cheers, SANDMARC Team - SANDMARC
                                                        Hanson W.
                                                          "The overall quality is good. Photos from the lens are good. You should try if you need a wide lens for iphone."
                                                          Hanson W.
                                                          Absolutely love it!
                                                            "I purchased the "wide lens" which came with the attachment case. Amazing quality case, I would happily pay the full amount just for the case! I originally purchased the wide lens as a trial before buying the set of 3, Macro, fish eye, wide. I wish I had gone straight for the full set!"
                                                            Grant A.
                                                            DJI Mavic Pro ND/PL FILTERS
                                                              "Awesome product! Gimble calibrates perfectly and filters are of great quality"
                                                              Jason L.