"Very happy but need spec with details "
    Tuan N.
    Wide Lens Edition
      "I have bought wide lens almost a month and I am very satisfied with the result of the picture. it's sharp and clear"
      Abdi P.
      Wide lens edition - iphoneXS max
        "Have not yet received it yet. A gift for my son."
        Nancy M.
        Unbelievably perfect.
          "Nothing can bring this much detail and beauty in a photo coming from a phone like these lenses. If you don’t consider these an option as a accessory to your phones camera , your selling your self short. "
          Eric A.
          iPhone Lenses
            "The lenses are absolutely fantastic!! What a huge difference they make. And the filters are worth every penny. I do wish there was a slick carrying case for all my Sandmarc products!! Looking forward to trying out some GoPro filters next..."
            Beau B.
              "Just got my macro lens and absolutely love it! The images are so sharp and clear. The hood makes it easy to get in close. Absolutely love it!"
              Patty W.
              Shits lit
                "It records good and the shits lit.that is all."
                Gabe P.
                very pleased. It is my new favorite lens.
                  "I have been trying to order a replacement lens cap, as somehowI lost mine for the Fisheye. Please advise. I am also ordering the wide angle lens today."
                  CARL F.
                  Fit nice
                    "Just got the filters for my Mavic Air nice solid build and clear fit nicely on the camera have really had a chance to test them for video and photo useablity seems like a good product so far would recommend to family and friends"
                    Brad O.
                    Solid Lens
                      "This lense got weight! It's got a hefty glass and the pictures are beautiful! The clip version is hard to guide the lense to the correct position. Maybe that can be solved in the next version."
                      Jake C.
                      Selfie Stick
                        "Best service and customer service"
                        Marc C.
                        Good lens bad choice
                          "The lens came as promised. Quality is fine and works fine. Just a little disappointed on how little 2x magnification actually is. Certainly not their fault. I just wish I would have purchased a different lens that would have purchased the macro lens instead now"
                          Rob K.
                          Amazing Quality. Worth the price!!!
                            "I have a full review. Check it out here:"
                            Shawn S.
                            Jus got it
                              "Easy to set up and go straight out the box I love it"
                              Francisco f.
                              Great purchase so far
                                "I am a novice photographer but I am having fun learning what this lens can do."
                                Sherry L.
                                The Best iPhone Accessory
                                  "So far with my experience in using these lenses, it has definitely improved upon the capabilities of the iPhone XS camera. I am able to do a lot more, even though it may be slightly inconvenient having to switch the lenses out. So far, my photography has definitely leapt forward with this. I love it! My favorite is the wide-angle lens…"
                                  Charles H.
                                  Very Impressed
                                    "Love these lenses. I've had them for only about a week. The case makes it very easy and I love that I can attach it to both lenses on the iPhone Xs Max. I have done a full Unboxing and Review. Check it out:"
                                    Case not Clip
                                      "So after waiting for about 2 months! The my iPhone XS Max case finally arrived! This thing awesome. Just screw the lens onto the desired iPhone lens and start shooting. No lining it up. It’s just perfect crisp and great shots. Huge fan of the case vs. the clip. It just works as it should. It feel great in your hand and it’s super minimal. "
                                      Tony F.
                                      great product and fast delivery
                                        "Die Linse ist gut verarbeitet, die Fotos werden brilliant. Auch das Zubehör passt wie angegossen."
                                        Jörg F.
                                        Excellent product
                                          "These lenses are amazing. Excellent build quality and really help improve the quality of images. My favorite is the Macro and wide lens. Awaiting my fish eye as that’ll be a first time shooting with that type of lens. Would recommend to anyone in the market for smartphone lenses. I do wish the provided case would be a little more protective. "
                                          Corey W.
                                          Love them!
                                            "Great supplement to my iPhone XS Max! Thinking about getting the fish eye lens next!"
                                            Sunny A.
                                              "Using this to set shots up for a large format macro project. Super helpful. Bluetooth the phone to a big screen!"
                                              Christopher C.
                                              I Love It
                                                "I had no idea what to expect ordering these lenses. But, I got a whole lot of bang for my buck. I’m 15 and practicing photography and let me tell you it’s amazing. If you’re looking for quality resolution or lookin for it to reduce pixelation, you’re looking at the wrong product. This is specifically a product to enhance the size of your picture (wide and fisheye) and to get depth and detail of an object (macro). The lenses are are replicas of DSLR or high definition camera lenses that do the same thing and probably better because the lense does all the work for you and all you do is aim your shot. This is great for just anything especially getting a good photo at the heat of the moment. The best camera you have is the camera that’s with you. And that is for a lot of people, their phone. Of course my parents didn’t pay for this, I had to pay for it with the money I saved up and I plan on getting the telephoto lense and filters so I can do a review for you then, but that will be a while lol. Until then this is a great product and if you have questions feel free to ask because I know Sandmarc is busy and they take a while to reply, trust me I know. "
                                                Marcus B.
                                                Impressed with craftsmanship & quality of shots!
                                                  "I was hesitant but I’m a huge fan of these lenses! Need to add the telephoto lens and ND filters to my arsenal. You can checkout my IG @robertho1 for more sandmarc pictures. I had other choices in front of me for a lot less but I kept with my philosophy! “You get what you pay for!” The customer service is on point too. "
                                                  Amazing lens
                                                    "It’s amazing lens I used ever , clear ,sharp and good quality of photos special for a Building photos also giveing good quality of videos "
                                                    Khaled K.
                                                    Having A Camera With Having to Carry One
                                                      "I just don’t have one Yet!! “Maybe I Will Win One For Christmas”. I have 5 Grand Children An That Gives Me A Real Need. 615-207-5000 Thanks, Henry "
                                                      Henry S.
                                                      Didnt get it
                                                        "I never got it :( do you maybe can see where and who received it? Please!!"
                                                        Felipe H.
                                                        Aerial Filter Polarizer - HERO 6/5 & Karma.
                                                          "Use it on my Go Pro hero5 black. With the filter on, it made my photo look good. easy to fix on. just plug and play."
                                                          Jumali A.
                                                          DJI Mavic Filters.
                                                            "The filters are fantastic. I have now updated my drone to the Mavic Pro 2 so I will be purchasing filters to suit."
                                                            Graham M.
                                                            Excellent Lenses!!!!
                                                              "Having owned several lenses for the iPhone, I can honestly say these are the best. As a chef who does a lot of shooting of food and spaces for a restaurant, and prive events, and ambiance, these lenses have upgraded the view and quality of the pictures I take. Especially the telephoto. Much sharper and wider images and frames. HIGHLY recommend. "
                                                              Justin M.