Amazing !!!! Pro Edition IPhone XS Max Lens
    "They are all truely amazing 😉 I am having SO much fun with them, I love the Macro lens I love taking photos of my flowers, they all seem to come to life and look truely stunning. I am looking forward to trying all the others to, hoping this weather gets better and then one can go out and about and learn new things. Thank you very much I am enjoying my new phone and my new lenses. I want to order the filters next :) "
    Best fisheye lense!
      "I’ve tried from a friend of mine his “Moment Fisheye Lense” and I didn’t like the vintage it had in every picture. When I look at reviews of the Sandmarc lenses I couldn’t resist to order one myself. I just received it las night and I already loved it have taken several pictures and videos and people in my intagram loves theme I cannot wait to travel around the world with this lese, please don’t think too much just get it specially if you post lots of picture on the media. Thank you sandmarc, my next lense would be the fue lense."
      Joaquin A.
      Sandmarc Wide Angle Lense
        "From order to delivery was quick so big thumbs up on that. The lense itself is great and sharp edge to edge with little to no chromatic abhorration, no vignetting so another plus. The downside is the lense is heavy and the case is flimsy, thin and slippery, it’s very hard to hold, so I used my mini tripod with smartphone holder to compensate. I would like to see a more robust case, which I would absolutely buy. Thinking about purchasing the telephone lens as I am happy with the wide angle lens."
        W A.
        Overall a good wide lens
          "Excellent wide angle with minimal distortion.Very pleased with the results so far.Solid construction with a screw fit,which I prefer to some of the bayonet iPhone lenses I have tried. My only complaint is the rather flimsy case with minimal grip and I consider it a bit expensive,but overall a good wide lens."
          Glyn J.
          Amazing Product!
            "Looks great works amazing! Plus takes amazing photos. "
            Francisco C.
            Amazed by the quality
              "Couldn’t have imagined how well the lenses would work ! Build quality, quality of glass and amazing results have left me wanting more and more of sandmarc ! "
              Richard M.
              Excellent product
                "Great build quality and works well as an individual product as well as a add on to two of my Sandmarc lens."
                Richard M.
                  "Each one of the lenses is amazing, and the quality (build and results) is superb. Im so much happy with my new Sandmarc Pro kit for Iphone XR. Also, the customer support service is over the top. 10/10. I will surely buy with them again. GREAT PRODUCT AND SERVICE!!! Greetings from Brazil!!!"
                  Victor F.
                    "Great lens!! Above my exceptions!!"
                    Behzad S.
                    Haven't used yet.
                      "I will review the product as soon as the weather breaks here in northern Illinois. Great shipping product looks awesome so far just have not used them on my DJI phantom 3 advanced"
                      Stven F.
                        "Cover fits perfectly and has great grip. The lens is reasonably easy to screw in. The results are excellent quality without distortion. You definitely need the third party software to use it on the iPhone's telephoto lens."
                        K R.
                        Must Have!
                          "I did all my research and this company and wife lense is worth every dollar! High quality lense and case and from my research the Only lense company that uses a screw in metal insert in the case for a secure hold. I will continue to use Sandmarc for all my lense needs!! Thanks Sandmarc! "
                          Daniel V.
                            "Turned out better than I thought it would. Very well made and solid lens. Feels like you’re using a real camera. If I had the money I would buy the entire collection of lenses and filters."
                            Paolo M.
                            Wide Lens Edition - iPhone XS Max.
                              "Pro: Great building quality lens. Sharp and maintain high resolution photo and great perspective control. Cons: Case quality should consider to improve and design to be more intuitive. Lens cannot be use for selfie (not sure why?) and this is one of a big raw back. "
                              Suebkha K.
                              Great lenses, need a carry case for all 4 though
                                "The lenses are great, superb quality. Way easier to tote around than my suitcase full of gear that I use with my DSLR. I wish there was a good carry case that would hold all four lenses though. Sandmarc ships each lens with both a clip and a phone case, so you end up with 4 clips and 4 cases. I would rather have one case, one clip and and a carry case for all four lenses. The way the products ship right now, they come with individual pouches for each lens, but there is no way to know which lens is in which case. I'd rather have a case where it would be easy to tell the fish-eye from the wide-angle, etc."
                                Greg Weir
                                Pro Filters - DJI Mavic
                                  "Good quality filters "
                                  Brian S.
                                  Best lens ever with a small drawback
                                    "I've tested a few, but when it comes to quality and result this wide lens is just awesome and a must have for iPhone film makers ... but ... although Sandmarc wide lens comes with a standard 17mm thread, the lens does not fit in rigs like the Ulanzi U-Rig Metal where the lens could be screwed on. That is because the lens boy shape is not conical enough. Maybe sandmarc is going to figure out how the can outperfom this product by providing a 17mm or 37mm thread ... everyone will still need your case when using a gimbal ;-)"
                                    Radek S.
                                      "Really awesome lens"
                                      Gareth H.
                                      Wide Angle Lens
                                        "Awesome lens! Very high quality and HEAVY lens for your phone. I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the engineering and design that went into this lens. The FOV that is achieved using this lens on your phone/device is incredible and opens up your footage so much!"
                                        Chase M.
                                        Fishbowl wins me over.
                                          "The fishbowl lense fits easily and adds intrigue to landscape photography. "
                                          Heidi A.
                                          Fisheye lens Iphone xs
                                            "Loving my fisheye lens. Don’t really take many pictures, but since having this lens I find myself taking so many. Thanks Sandmarc."
                                            Stephen W.
                                            Game changer!
                                              "This has changed our photography entirely We need it for the problems of photographing a fresh tattoo. The filter certainly does the trick and makes the pictures wonderfully crisp and clear and kills the unwanted glare completely. Couldn’t be happier!!! Amazing product!!"
                                              Rebekah B.
                                              5 stars
                                                "Love it! I have all of the Sandmarc Lenses and they are super clean. Very professional work can be done with these lenses. I use them faithfully! "
                                                Zeiquaan W.
                                                Real Estate Photography with Sandmarc
                                                  "These lenses are the perfect way to improve my listing photos. I knew that I would need a wide angle lens to truly capture rooms inside of standard ranch style homes. Instead of buying a DSLR lens, I was able to put this photography edition into use. I now can build life-like virtual tours with ease! I would highly recommend Sandmarc products. "
                                                  Matthew D.
                                                  Wish I had a discount
                                                    "Wish I had a discount code for another purchase "
                                                    Benjamin D.
                                                      "Is amazing love this filter"
                                                      Enoc A.
                                                        "Only problem is when I go to 10 X on the iPhone XS it blacks out periodically ! "
                                                        John S.
                                                        Super sharp photos
                                                          "The wide angle works great. Better than the telephone. No complaints."
                                                          Pamela Y.
                                                          Worth every penny
                                                            "I’m no photographer. It would even be a stretch to call me a hobbyist. I’m just an average dude who snaps photos of his kids from time to time. Every time I slap on this wide lens, I’m blown away. Whether we’re outside or inside, it gives me a shot that much more resembles what I’m actually seeing out in the world. I’m glad I made this investment. It’s impressed me so much that I’ll definitely be checking out the other lenses in the future. This is just a thought that in no way has hurt my experience with this product, but being a parent, I’d love if you offered a more rugged case. The case provided certainly gets the job done and looks really sleek but just for peace of mind, I’d prefer something that had more of a lip around the screen and more grip."
                                                            Clayton V.
                                                            Sandmarc lens
                                                              "Awesome lens. You can follow my Instagram @TailRaomer_T4R for photos "
                                                              Thanh N.