"Impressed so far with the shots I've taken."
    Cesar P.
    Wide Lens
      "Better than my expected! Cant wait to tell my friends!"
      Earl A.
      Great service
        "I received my iPhone XS 3 lens pack two days ago. One of the cases had a slight defect and Sandmarc shipped a new case to Australia immediately and without question. Cannot as for more than that. Looking forward to using these lenses "
        Paul H.
        a perfect addition
          "Starting with a very good product Information on the Sandmark web page, ordering without any difficulty, delivery to Germany fast and easy to track. Shipment was accurate packed. The iPhone cover and the lenses are perfect in quality and handling. Thanks to the Sandmark Team, I´m very happy and excited with your product"
          Juergen F.
          Happy in New Mexico
            "This little lens is amazing. I only had it for a couple of days. It arrived very fast. Couldn’t wait to try it. Picked several different subjects in the back yard. The magnification is superb, the photos are sharp and the color is true to the subject. This lens is probably going to be my favorite. Going to have much fun with it. "
            Sylvia M.
            AMAZING LEN'S!
              "I have purchased the wide angle lens and my oh my, the content came out amazing! It's a game changer. It changes that typical "shot on an iPhone" look and makes it look professional! (Especially on the newer iPhone with the amazing cameras). PRO TIP: Download Adobe Light room & use the built in camera on that app. It will take RAW photos (better quality), and after you colour correct them on the app it legit comes out looking professional."
              Mathew Parvu
              wide angle lense
                "received the lense, tried it right away ... nice quality and value. works well with either the case or the clip (which works with my own case). i use it for interior design photography. no instructions in the box, but i had gotten a video link email from sandmarc prior to receiving the package."
                brenda m.
                iPhone X wide angle
                  "Great investment!!"
                  Matthew B.
                  Love it
                    "I purchased the wide angle lens. I love it. I’m glad I didn’t go with the fisheye as it might have been a bit to wide for what I was looking for at the moment..."
                    Sean C.
                    Best iPhone Lens I have used
                      "Very happy. No discernable distortion/vignetting to me. Build is solid like a tank. The cover is very slim, but reinforced where the lens screw in. Slim cover = fits into my Gimbal phone holder. I dont have problems with the case with my iphone Xs Max. "
                      Love it!!
                        "It definitely does what it says it should! 🙌🏼 You definitely have to get extremely close! If anyone sees this could you tell me which lenses would be good for adding definition but still standing about a foot away? I need to capture the details in people’s faces as I am a permanent make up technician 🙌🏼"
                        Ms. K.
                          "Super Objektive mit eine guten Hülle, die allerdings etwas verbessert werden könnte. Der Wechsel der Objektive funktioniert hervorragend. Qualität der Verarbeitung, speziell was die Gewindeaufnahmen betrifft, ist super. Die Qualität der Fotos ist absolut perfekt. Was auf jeden Fall verändert werden könnte ist, das man nicht sieht, in welchem Beutel welches Objektiv ist. Hier kann man sich natürlich auch selber helfen. Habe schon lange überlegt diesen Satz zu erwerben, dies hat sich aber voll ausbezahlt. Qualitativ kommt hier sonst kein Hersteller ran. Hervorragend …."
                          Thomas D.
                          Worth the money
                            "I wish I bought these years ago!!!"
                            Henry R.
                            Excellent product for price and quality
                              "Bought the 3 lens pack. Couldn't have been happier. Had purchased other brands before but returned and kept these. Great pictures and quality of lens."
                              Mehrab M.
                              iPhone XS max accessory case review
                                "Received my new accessory case to support The wide-angle lens I purchased. The case that came with the initial purchase was junk and broke first time I used it. It was a much harder case with little flexibility. The new case seems to be more of a rubbery and a little more flexible So far very pleased with the product just a shame I had to purchase additional from what I initially received"
                                Robert F.
                                Photography Edition (Iphone 8)
                                  "Purchased the 3 Sandmarc lenses for the IPhone 8 (Macro, Fisheye & Wide). Absolutely love them!!! Very helpful customer service and a fab product, would highly recommend."
                                  Alice’s G.
                                  Metal pole edition
                                    "Great product very happy with it "
                                    Cian C.
                                    Very good!
                                      "Very outstanding production!"
                                      MAN L.
                                      My son loves it...
                                        "I am a professional photographer I researched the Sandmarc and it seemed to be the best one for the iphone on the market. Bought it for my son and he is using it to photograph Apartments and houses for his Real Estate Sales business. Thank you..."
                                        John C.
                                        Lived up to the hype
                                          "I was hoping this lens would be as good as Sandmarc said it is :) (spoiler alert: it is). I decided not to buy from the competition because this lens already comes with a case and a clip included. The quality is amazing and really gives me so many more options when all I’ve got is my iPhone. Highly recommended."
                                          Steven D.
                                          It’s gosh darn jolly delightful!
                                            "Purchased the Macro lens kit to go along with my 2x wide angle. I love both of them! 3 of my friends have purchased the full kits, which I should have done at the start to save some money,! That’s my only regret!"
                                            Grant A.
                                            macro lens iphone8plus/7plus
                                              "purchased this for hoof dissections to illustrate the "macro-anatomy” & improve the understanding between the gross anatomy & the tissue histology. the photos are amazing!"
                                              johanna r.
                                              Great Product
                                                "I’ve been using the lenses and filters quite a bit. Mostly taking landscape shots around Switzerland. The quality of the photos is amazing. I couldn’t be more happier with your product. "
                                                David K.
                                                Awesome setup! Great range of filters included in the package
                                                  "SANDMARC team is super helpful. I ordered my Aqua Filter Super Suit 2 weeks before I fly and worried if it will arrive on time. Sent them an email and they replied in no time, helping me to send my order by Fedex. It arrived on time. I tried it in the Mexico Gulf water, it’s perfect! Water look gorgeous, good definition when I filmed the bull shark, lovely set of filter for everything, scuba diving and snorkeling. Simply loved it! "
                                                  Mich W.
                                                  Very good product
                                                    "The 3 lens are super cool!! My favourite is the fisheye, i have too much fun with it. Thankssssss"
                                                    Diego J.
                                                    I love the lens, it
                                                      "I love the lens, it takes great pictures. The pictures look like something out of a movie.I would definitely recommend it to others."
                                                      Shawana D.
                                                      Great filter set!
                                                        "The filters fit well and their function is fullfilled, what else?! :) "
                                                        Ipoheography Greatness
                                                          "I purchased my lenses because I wanted to step up my photography with my iPhone. With great apps like FOCOS, ProCam and ProCamera the benefits of having DSLR quality glass takes it to another level. "
                                                          Armond W.
                                                          Very Sturdy
                                                            "100% better quality than the original go pro tripod stick. The go pro appears to be made of plastic. This stick is all aluminum. I didn’t read the full details and I thought I dropped the remote, sadly to say it’s not included. I’m in love with this pole. I’m going to Jamacia 2-14-19 I’m sure with the new pole and go pro 86.00 bucks remote.. I should be very happy. "
                                                            ronda h.
                                                            wide lens
                                                              "great for interior video with OSMO 2. Needs a counterbalance. I used a clamp and it works great."
                                                              john y.