It's still the best in the business
    "Love! Love! Love! The lenses are brilliant and the customer services is awesome. And that matters to me just as much as the product. Got my order the next day, perfect and I started shooting that day! Would recommend to anyone. Cheers!"
    Annette D.
    Sandmarc wife angle
      "Best lens I’ve ever purchased PURE QUALITY!!!!! I love it thank you "
      Allen T.
      The best wide lens for travelling essential so far
        "It’s handy and easy to aligned it of and on. And most importantly is very secure grip. Just if sandmarc can improve on the way how the lens installed to the case and make more faster such as clip on to the case would be better"
        Ridhwan N.
        Wide angle lens
          "All I can say is wow at the quality of you guys products, I will definitely be getting the teli lens next and nd filters!!! Thanks "
          Allen turner
            "Absolutely obsessed with this lens. I use it for product shoots for my company and also for landscape shots for personal photos. Gives the iPhone camera the look of a DSLR and only for $100. Cant beat it!"
            Dylan B.
            HAPPY CUSTOMER
              Charles M.
              Pro-Level Lenses for your Phone
                "I was super impressed with the craftsmanship, quality and weight of my lens when it arrived. Plus, the case is a game changer for quick attachment and ensuring you’re not getting a blur or halo around the corner of your images. "
                Charlie V.
                Amazing product.
                  "I am a wedding photographer and I only carry my phone when I’m not on the job. So having this flexibility to capture good quality images without my cumbersome DSLR is such and amazing option to have. The lens is of a great quality and produces sharp images corner to corner as far as the eye can detect. It is more than enough quality for an instagram posts. I love this product. Kudos to you guys at Sandmarc!"
                  Muhammad F.
                  Estupendas fotos muy nítidas y con un angular fabuloso
                    "Estupendas fotos muy nítidas y con gran angular perfecto para fotografía urbana y de paisaje. Muy cómoda la funda para el móvil y grandísima calidad de construcción de las lentes."
                    JOSE M.
                    Great purchase
                      "Totally worth the money. Every positive review is right on the money."
                      Nicholas W.
                        "I love the lens! Awesome produce! Thank you! "
                        Herminia O.
                        Amazing Product...EVEN MORE AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE
                          "The product is fantastic to use and the output from it has transformed my photos, it is so easy to use and the results are spectacular I wouldn't have any problem recommending this product to anyone.....I now own both the wideangle and the telephoto and both are as great as each other.....and I havent even got to the best part yet Now for the best part - CUSTOMER SERVICES If only every company was like this in the world the world would be a better place. One of my cases developed a crack at the top by the lens mount, if I am honest possibly caused by myself from removing the case from the top rather than the bottom, I contacted the support team on the off chance they could supply a case rather than lens & case.....after a couple of pictures were sent through to them confirming where the crack was a replacement was sent out within 24 hours and arrived with me in a couple of days in the UK from Cali......all at a charge of ZERO USD..... Would like to say a HUGE thanks to the SANDMARC team for a fantastic product and an even better Customer Service approach"
                          Simon Purrott
                          Game Changer
                            "I brought the Wide Lens Edition to serve as an extension of my abilities to create using my iPhone XS Max. I was really happy with the craftsmanship of the lens. When it’s in your hands you know you’re holding a quality product. I plan on getting the rest of the other lenses because of my experience with the Wide Lens Edition."
                            John G.
                            Amazing Lenses
                              "I just love it!"
                              Elizabeth R.
                              Absolutely Outstanding, Essential Piece of Gear
                                "Used it for two years now. While we almost exclusively use the polarizer filter out of this set, I can attest to the quality of each of the lenses. Given that we shoot over water 90% of the time, in very sunny environments in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and other South Florida locations, we love the results we get from the polarized filter, great for filming above boats, where even the white deck at midday has contrast, detail, and clarity that's simply unattainable with the standard UV lens on the Phantom 4 Pro - whereas before the whites simply were blown out. The video we've captured at sunrise looking down into the waves rolling into the beach is absolutely stunning. Even on a moderately cloudy day in Point Loma outside San Diego, the polarized lens added so much detail to the cliffs, as well as to the surfers in the breaks where the white surf maintained excellent detail. I've gotten some great footage as well employing the ND filters flying inches above footprints in the sand on the beach and got a great blurry cinematic look near the bottom of the frame as the drone sped along. This is an absolutely ESSENTIAL piece of gear. So happy with it."
                                Yes to the Sandmarc Pro Plus Filters for Mavic Pro
                                  "These filters arrived the other day and was able to try out the plain PL filter yesterday. I am pleased by how crisp and sharp the images were, much better than without a filter. Fit on the Mavic Pro's camera is just right, easy on and off yet hold firm when flying. I am very happy with this purchase."
                                  Thomas W.
                                  The Macro lens I purchased is fantastic
                                    "I am very happy with the quality of the macro lens and the photos that I was able to take. I am however, disappointed that unlike competitive products I would need to buy a case with every lens I purchase. It is very impractical to change the case each time I need to change the lens. I am a travel photographer and I would need an array of lens if I intend to travel light. I hope Sandmarc is listening with empathy for photographers like me who eventually would migrate to the competitor because of a more practical design."
                                    Chia N.
                                    Great Build Quality + Brilliant Product
                                      "I purchased this just before a trip to Asia a month ago. Unlike some of the competitors offerings, it comes with everything in one box (the phone case, the clip, a carry pouch) which is great value. Takes brilliant photos, especially of cityscapes and architecture. I've also used it with the clip on my MacBook Pro's camera when doing skype calls etc and it's worked surprisingly well! Possibly something that one may not think about as a use for the product. Also, if you use an app like Adobe Lightroom as your camera app on your iPhone, you can use the Sandmarc lens on the iPhones telephoto lens (the bottom lens) which looks really interesting. Need Lightroom because you need to tell the iPhone to only use the telephoto lens which the stock Camera app does not allow. Overall, a well built, premium product that offers a total out-of-the-box package that I would highly recommend."
                                      SONNY D.
                                      Lens love
                                        "I love my new sandmarc lenses. Been taking tons of photos. I do have a question though, are there any camera apps that also work with these lenses or does it only work with the native camera?"
                                        Carrie B.
                                        Review of Macro and Fisheye Lenses
                                          "Used the lenses extensively on a recent holiday and was very glad that I decided to replace my other lenses from a leading manufacturer with yours. Yes, the quality is excellent, but most people would not realize the superiority of your lens mounting system that made changing lenses on the fly simple. Also really appreciated the small touches, such as the cover for the back of the lens. Only small negative is the clips do not surround the lens mount on the case, which means you must remove the phone from the case to use the filter with the native iPhone camera lens – I integrated your plastic case into a leather case for protection and therefore have this issue, guess most people wouldn’t unless they like to be a little creative. Overall, very satisfied and looking forward to using the other lenses! Ron S. PS: Unless really required, I find that I can leave my DSLR and lenses at home for most vacations. "
                                          Ronald S.
                                          Telephoto lens
                                            "It’s suppose to be a telephoto lens where the lens extends and contracts? It does not."
                                            Richard B.
                                            I love it!
                                              "I love every single lens I’ve used. Especially the Micro is my favorite. "
                                              Katchya C.
                                              Best wide angle lens ever
                                                "A very well built quality lense with so much clarity and it does really give that extra field of view. I wanted to buy all four but the only thing that stoped me was the the overseas duty. After my experience with the wide angle lens I’d definitely be investing in the rest. "
                                                Muarrif A.
                                                Great product
                                                  "I’ve been using it for our YouTube channel for the past few weeks and I take it on and off regularly. Solid, high quality shots."
                                                  Anders I.
                                                  Works great
                                                    "Very sturdy and well made... love that I can just screw onto a case and not worry about lining up lense with the phone camera "
                                                    Kyle A.
                                                    Great little lens
                                                      "Brought the wide lens to a little trip I had recently. You can tell from the build that it is a high quality lens. It took great photos and there was no noticeable quality distortion at all. Personally I used the included case to take photos with, but the camera clip was very convenient for when I wanted to take wide angle selfies. I am not a photographer by any means but I am very happy with my lens. Only downside is I lost the little cap that covers the lens :( "
                                                      Jake P.
                                                      Of excellent quality
                                                        "I've read and watched a lot of comparison videos between different filter mades for the mavic air... going through all these videos and lectures, I decided to go for the more expensive filters, the pro pack from Sandmarc. Well, they really fit 100% on the drones camera, and the result is just that what I needed. "
                                                        Auffinger r.
                                                          "Great quality glass. Happy I went with your kit over Moment. My moment friends are now jealous. Thank you!"
                                                          Nicholas B.
                                                          Best aftermarket lenses period
                                                            "Enjoying all of the lenses, especially the fisheye!! "
                                                            Martin R.
                                                            Love it!
                                                              "The wide lens makes a huge difference, I spent days reviewing other lenses, ollo, moment, and other cheaper lenses. Well I’ll tell you this was the best option. So stable screwed onto the iPhone case. I went to go test out the lens, sat on my couch and faced my regular camera on my phone towards the tv and all I could see was the tv and what was surrounding the tv and everything in front. When I put the wide lens on, I saw everything, the whole porch to the left of my tv, the hallway to the far right of my tv stand and just so much more, it opens up a whole 10 feet In one picture with no distortion. Beautiful, damn beautlful. You saved me so much money from buying a 300$ camera. Thank you guys I hope to buy the rest of the packages when I can! "
                                                              Nicholas B.