5 stars
    "Love it! I have all of the Sandmarc Lenses and they are super clean. Very professional work can be done with these lenses. I use them faithfully! "
    Zeiquaan W.
    Real Estate Photography with Sandmarc
      "These lenses are the perfect way to improve my listing photos. I knew that I would need a wide angle lens to truly capture rooms inside of standard ranch style homes. Instead of buying a DSLR lens, I was able to put this photography edition into use. I now can build life-like virtual tours with ease! I would highly recommend Sandmarc products. "
      Matthew D.
      Wish I had a discount
        "Wish I had a discount code for another purchase "
        Benjamin D.
          "Is amazing love this filter"
          Enoc A.
            "Only problem is when I go to 10 X on the iPhone XS it blacks out periodically ! "
            John S.
            Super sharp photos
              "The wide angle works great. Better than the telephone. No complaints."
              Pamela Y.
              Worth every penny
                "I’m no photographer. It would even be a stretch to call me a hobbyist. I’m just an average dude who snaps photos of his kids from time to time. Every time I slap on this wide lens, I’m blown away. Whether we’re outside or inside, it gives me a shot that much more resembles what I’m actually seeing out in the world. I’m glad I made this investment. It’s impressed me so much that I’ll definitely be checking out the other lenses in the future. This is just a thought that in no way has hurt my experience with this product, but being a parent, I’d love if you offered a more rugged case. The case provided certainly gets the job done and looks really sleek but just for peace of mind, I’d prefer something that had more of a lip around the screen and more grip."
                Clayton V.
                Sandmarc lens
                  "Awesome lens. You can follow my Instagram @TailRaomer_T4R for photos "
                  Thanh N.
                  Initial review on Sandmark Wide lens
                    "I have only just received the lens for my IPhone XS, but I am impressed by the trial shots I have taken. I always have an Apple leather case on the phone for protection and I find it is easy to fit the Sandmarc Clip-on mount over this case which prevents any possible damage if I had to change the case and it is quicker. I now look forward to use this lens in the future. David Ferra ( Kings Lynn, UK )"
                    David F.
                    ND Filters
                      "They are great! "
                      Cadaurius D.
                      High Quality
                        "Really a great lens, solid glass. Makes your standard iPhone Xs camare to a great tool. Professional stuff. Use it in a gimbal and you are set to go. "
                        Patrick L.
                        Pro Edition iPhone XS Max
                          "The quality of these lenses is amazing! Both physical and photography wise. I was very impressed when I first handled them. Only thing I can think of that could be improved is the phone case, a little flimsy. It would be nice to have a hard reliable case that you can keep on your phone when you’re not usuing the lenses. As I bought the iPhone XS Max specifically for taking pictures and intend to use it for just that. Other than that i don’t think there is anything bad to say about this product! Also something maybe for a future product a carrying case for all your lenses would be really nice! Something with a hard outter shell and protection pad on the inside would be nice. "
                          Manny Chavez
                          Jaylen Jones
                            "I love it!! It looks amazing and shots are 10x better."
                            Jaylen J.
                            Telephoto lense Iphone xs max
                              "Great quality photos !"
                              Natalie R.
                              Macro Lens
                                "I ordered it and it came very quickly. The phone case did not fit my phone but the clip is perfect. Beautiful detail in pictures, love it. "
                                Shelly P.
                                  "Great quality lens, perfect for video filming "
                                  Slawomir G.
                                  Wide angle
                                    "Very happy with results. I plan to purchase the telephoto & polarizer filter. Would love it if Sandmarc would develop a stronger telephoto."
                                    Craig P.
                                    Honestly it beat my expectations.
                                      "Really great lens, given the price tag I had big expectations yet didn’t want to overexcited myself but it’s awsome. Had a chance to test it out at Disneyland and I can’t go 10 minutes before someone asks me what kind of lens am I using and they are surprised by the quality photos I get from using it. There is no distortion whatsoever which was a problem with other lenses I had been using. I look forward to purchasing more of your products!!! "
                                      Jonathan P.
                                        "Love them. Makes phone so versatile. "
                                        Sandy C.
                                        Top product
                                          "Works just great"
                                          Luciano M.
                                          Perfect wide angle lens
                                            "I've been looking for a wide angle lens for a while until i finally found Sandmarc I read all the reviews before buying the lens. I don't regret for a minute is the best wide angle lens for the iphone xs max. The only down side is that didn't works with the two lens of the iphone camera, when you zoom more than 1.5 it turns black. "
                                            Yalmary T.
                                            Thank you
                                              "thank you so much "
                                              ALZUBAIR A.
                                              Lens kit
                                                "Love it!!!!!!!!"
                                                Aaron G.
                                                SANDMARC WIDE LENSE
                                                  "This lens and case are legit. Just buy the thing! You wont regret it!"
                                                  Josh J.
                                                  Better than expected!
                                                    "This lovely bundle is so worth the purchase. Quality glass at its best!"
                                                    michael c.
                                                    I bought it for taking
                                                      "I bought it for taking pictures of tattoos , have also used it for scenery and I absoluteliy Love it "
                                                      Corey H.
                                                      Awesome Product & Great Value
                                                        "Before receiving the product, I didn't know exactly what to expect in regards to quality and how much these lenses would actually affect my pictures... After receiving the product and testing it out, the quality of the lenses definitely exceeded my expectations. There is no distortion with the lenses and it also doesn't reduce the quality of the picture whatsoever! The clip-on feature is helpful even though I prefer using the case with the lenses. I personally like the case because of how easy it is to put on and take off, but it doesn't offer too much protection for the iPhone so I only use it when I know I'm going to be taking a lot of pictures. Lastly, Sandmarc's customer service is outstanding! I forgot to use a promo code when purchasing this package and when I contacted Sandmarc about it, they were very quick to reply back and refunded me the amount for the promo code. "
                                                        Great lenses with excellent image quality
                                                          "I really like the Sandmarc lenses they provide excellent image quality and attach easily to the iPhone through the provided case it makes my movies and pictures have that extra cinematic feel,great quality and excellent workmanship"
                                                          Muthir A.
                                                            "I love the wide angle and the filters. They'll really help in my photography. "
                                                            Amy S.
                                                            Great lenses for iPhones
                                                              "Really enjoying these lenses. Was especially impressed with the macro lense. It takes some practice to get super close ups of flowers and bugs but worth the effort. All the lenses are super easy to put on and store easily. Already have some awesome pictures that stand way above your average iPhone photo. Can’t wait to get the telephoto lens for those long shots."
                                                              Henry R.