Phone photography on another level
    "I been looking for a nice lens that i could always have on the go that wouldn’t make a huge weight difference in my bag. And came across this one and i have to say that its a lot more then what I expected. It’s made so nice and the quality is amazing. Not even a week later I ordered all three of them and hands down they are well worth the money."
    Birds e.
    Product was used
      "Hi, Thank you for contacting me. When I received the items it seems as though they have been used. A couple of the lens cover had minor nicks and scratches on them. Only one of the lenses came with a cleaning cloth. The packaging was not put well together and was open when received. "
      Christian E.
      Sorry to hear this. Can you email to further help you on this? You should have received everything brand new. - SANDMARC
      Fast shipping and high quality filters.
        "Fast shipping and high quality filters."
        JOSEPH S.
        Love it!!!
          "I love it. I have it everywhere I go. I love how my pictures turn out. I recommend this to anyone. "
          Devaughn J.
          let's go for it and you won't regret it
            "Those 3 lenses are great it prefect when you use with the provided case (Sandmarc). and the pictures quality was stunning. of course, when you are using Fisheye lens the edge of the picture a slightly distotration and i think not a issue if you are not print it out but just post it on social media. and yet, Im looking forward to Tele lens "
            Douglas H.
            Great product, though DONT order to Scandinavia!
              "I absolutely love the quality of the lesnes, and am enjoying them tremedously on my iPhone X, but the import tax I was hit with here in Norway made it totally not worth it. Payed 223 euros or so for the 3 lenses and delivery, then another 299 euros for the import tax! Again, beware of you are living in Norway (and probably the rest of Scnadinavia too). "
              Raul T.
              Macro Lens Edition for iphone X
                "I LOVE this lens!! I am amazed at the closeups i can get and how clear they are. I highly recommend."
                Susan F.
                  "Great stuff!!!! Good custumor service by the way "
                  Erik V.
                  Nice lenses
                    "I took a few night time photos with the wide lens and the colors were very nice. Each lens comes with a case that you can attach them to.Even though the lenses are interchangeable with any case. But I like the fact that they also come with a clip. The clips are very stable and are my preferable method. All in all, I’m very happy with the purchase."
                    Peter G.
                      "I was EAGER to receive these filters and I am delighted with them ! Each filter THREADS easily and perfectly onto my MAVIC AIR camera gimbal. Each polarizing lens rotates easily. The ribbed edges on each lens offers a comfortable, secure grip. The quality of the glass appears to be excellent. When SNAPPED TIGHTLY CLOSED the clear, plastic case keeps each filter well "nested" and protected in their individual foam "sockets", which are well designed for easy placement and retrieval. IF I COULD OFFER ONE SUGGESTION FOR IMPROVEMENT, the white lettered labeling on each filter is SO SMALL that it takes a "sharp eye" to read. Using my computer, I designed and printed two strips designating each filter's ND number. These designations are spaced along the two strips so that they fall directly below each filter's foam, "nesting socket". I attached each strip with clear tape to the INSIDE of the clear, plastic case with the print facing outward, so that the labels are protected and clearly designate which filter is which. This labeling system makes selecting the desired ND filter QUICK and EASY ! Perhaps, the clear, plastic case could come PRE-LABELED for those of us with less than perfect vision . . . ! Otherwise, "HIGH FIVES" to everyone at SANDMARC for a job WELL DONE ! "
                      Bob C.
                      great buy
                        "I am very satisfied with the whole purchase. Perfect transaction, great service. I have achieved great pictures with the lenses !! Anytime again, I can highly recommend! Greetings from Berlin Marco"
                        Marco R.
                          "The filters are amazing. Thank you "
                          Matt M.
                            "My delivery was early, the case is perfect and the lens is immaculate, I absolutely love every part about this purchase! "
                            Corey C.
                            You should try!
                              "Awesome product!!"
                              Perfect lensest
                                "The Sandmarc lenses have functioned very well. I’m impressed by the quality as well as ease of use. My pictures have turned out as expected using the attached lenses. Sandmarc, great work in these lenses."
                                Randy K.
                                I love it.
                                  "I got this to film skateboarding videos with and it works amazing. Clarity is perfect and the quality is superb. Well worth the money. "
                                  Casey O.
                                  Pretty awesome
                                    "Played with the lens when it arrived and have to say “it’s pretty d**n impressive. I’m a hobbyist and this is taking my photos up a notch. May look into the other lenses now. "
                                    Peter H.
                                    Sandmarc FISHEYE LENS
                                      "i just got's really AWESOME , the International shipping was very fast , i got it two days before the expected day .. i was confusing between this lens from sandmarc and other famous company ,, but i'm happy i choose this one .. worth the price "
                                      Mohammed Al-haddad
                                      Photography Edition Set iPhone 8
                                        "Just received the Sandmarc Photography Edition for iPhone 8. Am in the process of playing w/ the lenses and reviewing their abilities. So far, my impressions are very good. Images look sharp and edges look clear w/ little softness. It will be interesting to see how easy to change lenses in the field becomes in use. So far very easy to use."
                                        Anthony L.
                                        Perfect. No issues at all.
                                          "The aerial filters for my Phantom Pro are perfect. Very nice quality."
                                          Larry P.
                                          Thank You!
                                            "I’ve Needed A Wide Lens! I’m A 21 Yearold College Student. I’m Currently An Accountant Major, But My Heart Belongs To Filmmaking. I Enjoy Writing The Scripts, Picking Out Filming Location, & The Joy Of Completing The Final Project! Again, I Am A College Student, So Most Of My Money Goes To The School. I Work With What I Have-iPhone- So My Main Camera & Editing Software Is My Entire Phone. With This Lens, It Will Definitely Make My Movies More Professional, & For That, From The Bottom Of My Heart, Thank You. "
                                            Cristian J.
                                            Top Service, top product !
                                              "I use the wide lens and ordered the lele lens allready ! Can´t wait vor it. i use it also for video on my iphone X. It´s great. Question: The pic above show the tele lens with a bigger inner-threat then mine and two short fonts on lens. Mine ist with smaller inner-threat and a long font on lens. Is this showen above a newer Version ?"
                                              Outstanding !
                                                "The picture quality is great ! The clarity is above what I expected from the month and a half wait I would say it was worth it don’t second guess yourself for the price you can’t beat it I just wish the Tele Lens was coming out sooner they told me March but now I’m hearing June guess I’ll just have to wait for quality! "
                                                Jason P.
                                                Sick as ****
                                                  "Great quality lenses "
                                                  Gustavo M.
                                                  Loving this kit
                                                    "These lenses are amazing! Getting great shots with them and would definitely recommend them to all my friends "
                                                    Tri L.
                                                    Great Quality; Case/Clip needs work
                                                      "Headline says it all."
                                                      Carl S.
                                                      excellent products!
                                                        "excellent products! the only rage was that I had to pay customs. the filters costed $ 59,99 and the austrian authorities charged me € 32,- (50% !!). but i’m happy to have them."
                                                        Christian H.
                                                        Super Product
                                                          "Good Quality, amazing Photos! Nixe to have!"
                                                          Frank M.
                                                          Great Customer Service and High Quality Product!!
                                                            "I bought the Wide Angle Lens for my Iphone X. I was flying out to Israel in three days and was worried about it arriving before i left. They replied to the message i sent them (no number was supplied which was a bit unfortunate but understandable as they are a small company still) in under 5 minutes. They overnighted the lens to me for no extra cost. Super friendly and helpful! Also, the Lens works beautifully. The clip on mechanism didn't work nearly as good and i was worried about it falling off, but the case that is comes with is really nice and works far better. Overall, i am very satisfied with my purchase and will be buying the Telephoto lens when it comes out. "
                                                            Celia G.
                                                              "I recently bought this and used it on St. Patrick's day in Chicago. I'm so glad that I bought it because it can be extended so long in order to have some awesome shots above the crowd. video here:"
                                                              John W.